Astro Royale Chapter 10: Release Date, Where to Read, and What to Expect

Astro Royale, the popular manga series, has fans eagerly anticipating the release of Chapter 10.

As the storyline intensifies, readers are looking forward to the next developments in this exciting saga.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming chapter, including its release date, where you can read it, and what to expect from the story.

Release Date and Time

According to the official website of MANGA Plus, Astro Royale Chapter 10 is scheduled for release on Monday, June 24, 2024, at 12 am JST in the 30th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

However, due to differences in time zones, many international readers will be able to access the chapter earlier, on Sunday, June 23, 2024.

Release Times Across Different Time Zones

To help you keep track, here are the release times for Astro Royale Chapter 10 according to various time zones:

Time ZonesDateTime
Pacific Daylight TimeSunday, June 238 AM
Eastern Daylight TimeSunday, June 2311 AM
Greenwich Mean TimeSunday, June 233 PM
Central European TimeSunday, June 234 PM
Indian Standard TimeSunday, June 238:30 PM
Philippine Standard TimeSunday, June 2311 PM
Japanese Standard TimeMonday, June 2412 AM
Australian Central Standard TimeMonday, June 2412:30 AM

Where to Read Astro Royale Chapter 10

Fans can read Astro Royale Chapter 10 on various Shueisha-affiliated platforms:

  • MANGA Plus Website
  • MANGA Plus App
  • Shonen Jump+ App
  • VIZ Media Website

It’s important to note that while these platforms allow readers to access the first and latest three chapters for free, a subscription is required to read all chapters on Shonen Jump+ and beyond the six free chapters on MANGA Plus.

Recap of Astro Royale Chapter 9

Image via Ken Wakui/Shueisha

In Chapter 9, the tension was high as Hibaru and Kinpa successfully rescued Terasu and Kuran from an abandoned house.

With a clear strategy, they confronted the burglars, showcasing their cunning plans and teamwork.

The chapter revealed the identities of the Ghost Thieves and detailed an intense confrontation.

Key Highlights from Chapter 9

  • Rescue Mission: Hibaru and Kinpa managed to rescue Terasu and Kuran, showcasing their bravery and tactical skills.
  • Encounter with the Ghost Thieves: The burglars, known as the Ghost Thieves, were confronted. Hibaru and his team demonstrated their Astros’ abilities in an epic showdown.
  • Hibaru’s Leadership: Hibaru’s strategic mind and combat prowess were on full display, especially in dealing with the wax-controlling abilities of Hajime Ikari, one of the Ghost Thieves.
  • Kinpa’s Invisibility: Kinpa used her Astro to turn invisible and steal the burglars’ Links, the tools for activating Astros, which was a pivotal move in their victory.
  • Mystery of the Roses: The revelation that the scent causing hallucinations was not from roses but from a perfume added an intriguing twist.

What to Expect in Astro Royale Chapter 10

Given the cliffhanger ending of Chapter 9, fans have a lot to look forward to in Chapter 10.

Here are some speculative elements that might unfold in the upcoming chapter:

Further Quests and Team Building

With the immediate threat of the Ghost Thieves neutralized, Hibaru and his team might embark on new quests to build their reputation and tackle other challenges.

This could involve recruiting more members, particularly from Hibaru’s siblings, to strengthen their faction.

Focus on Other Characters

The story might shift focus to other Yotsurugi siblings, such as Shion, who hasn’t been prominently featured recently.

This could provide a deeper understanding of the family dynamics and introduce new character arcs and abilities.

Uncovering More Mysteries

The enigmatic elements, such as the true nature of the perfume and its connection to the Ghost Thieves, might be explored further.

Additionally, there could be new antagonists or hidden threats that Hibaru and his team will need to uncover and confront.

Character Development

Expect significant character development, especially for the core team members.

Hibaru’s leadership skills, Kinpa’s strategic mind, and the unique abilities of Terasu and Kuran could be further explored, making the team even more formidable.

The Appeal of Astro Royale

Astro Royale has captivated readers with its unique blend of action, mystery, and character-driven storytelling.

The concept of Astros—special abilities linked to unique tools—adds a fascinating layer to the combat and strategy elements of the series.

Moreover, the intricate plot and well-developed characters keep readers eagerly anticipating each new chapter.

Themes and Motifs

The series often delves into themes such as teamwork, loyalty, and the moral complexities of using powerful abilities.

These themes resonate with readers, making the characters’ struggles and triumphs deeply engaging.

Visual and Narrative Style

The artwork in Astro Royale is another major draw. Ken Wakui’s detailed and dynamic illustrations bring the story to life, enhancing the dramatic moments and the intricacies of the characters’ abilities.

Coupled with compelling narrative pacing, each chapter leaves a lasting impression.

Final Words

Astro Royale Chapter 10 is set to be another thrilling installment in this popular manga series.

With its release just around the corner, fans are on the edge of their seats, eager to see what twists and turns await Hibaru and his team.

Whether you’re a long-time follower or new to the series, now is the perfect time to dive into the world of Astro Royale and join the adventure.

Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to catch the latest chapter on your preferred reading platform.

The journey of Hibaru and his companions promises to deliver excitement, intrigue, and unforgettable moments in the chapters to come.

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