Chained Soldier season 2 confirmed to be in production under new studio

Chained Soldier season 2 confirmed to be in production

The announcement of Chained Soldier Season 2 being in production has sparked excitement and curiosity among fans.

However, the shift from Studio Seven Arcs to Studio Passione has led to mixed reactions within the anime community.

The news was revealed by producer Yuki Watanabe at Anime Expo 2024, marking a significant change in the series’ production.

A New Studio Takes Over

Studio Seven Arcs was praised for its adaptation of the first season of Chained Soldier, earning a solid fanbase and critical acclaim for its animation quality and faithful storytelling.

Their departure from the project, therefore, comes as a surprise to many. Studio Passione, known for its work on Mieruko-chan and the remake of Spice and Wolf, now has the responsibility of continuing the story.

This transition has caused some fans to express concerns about the potential differences in animation style and overall tone.

Reactions from the Fanbase

Chained Soldier season 2 confirmed to be in production under new studio
Image via Studio Seven Arcs

The fan reaction to this studio change has been divided.

While some appreciate Studio Passione’s distinctive animation style and are optimistic about their ability to bring a fresh perspective to Chained Soldier, others worry that the new studio’s approach may not align with the darker, more intense themes of the series.

Studio Passione’s previous works, characterized by a more vibrant and dynamic animation style, have led to questions about their suitability for the grittier narrative of Chained Soldier.

Upcoming Insights at the Special Event

On July 20, a special event will provide further insights into the upcoming season.

Key members of the cast, including Yuya Hirose (Yuki), Akari Kito (Kyoka), and Yume Miyamoto (Himari), will be present.

Fans eagerly await this event, hoping it will shed light on how Studio Passione plans to handle the adaptation and what new elements they might introduce.

Focus on Ren Yamashiro

The key visual and trailer released in March 2024 have hinted that Season 2 will center around Ren Yamashiro, the Supreme Commander of the Demon Defense Force.

This shift in focus promises to explore new storylines and character dynamics, adding depth to the series.

The addition of Kana Hanazawa to the cast as Ren Yamashiro has been met with enthusiasm, as her involvement is expected to bring a new layer of complexity to the character and the overall narrative.

Studio Passione’s Track Record

Despite some fans’ reservations, Studio Passione has a track record of producing successful anime series.

Their adaptation of Highschool DxD Hero showcased their ability to handle action-packed scenes with fluid animation and dynamic character designs.

While their style might differ from Seven Arcs, their experience suggests they are capable of delivering a high-quality adaptation of Chained Soldier.

The Challenges Ahead

Adapting an existing series brings its own set of challenges, particularly when it involves a change in production studios.

Studio Passione will need to balance maintaining the essence of Chained Soldier while incorporating their unique artistic vision.

This balance is crucial to satisfy existing fans and attract new viewers.

Anticipation and Expectations

The announcement of Season 2 has naturally led to high expectations.

Fans are eager to see how the new studio will interpret the story and bring the characters to life.

The special event on July 20 is expected to provide more concrete details about the direction of the new season, including potential plot developments, animation style, and voice acting performances.

Final Words

The transition of Chained Soldier from Studio Seven Arcs to Studio Passione marks a significant change in the production of the series.

While this has led to mixed reactions among fans, it also opens up opportunities for new creative approaches.

The upcoming special event and the focus on Ren Yamashiro promise to add exciting dimensions to the storyline, keeping the anticipation for Season 2 high.

As Studio Passione steps into the spotlight, both the studio and fans face the challenge of navigating this new chapter while staying true to the spirit of Chained Soldier.

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