Delicious in Dungeon Episode 23: Release Date, Where to Watch, and More

The eagerly anticipated episode 23 of Delicious in Dungeon is set to premiere on Thursday, June 6, 2024, at 10:30 pm JST.

This episode promises to delve deeper into the backstory of Senshi, one of the key characters, unveiling the circumstances that led him to reside in the dungeon.

Fans can catch the episode exclusively on Netflix, where both subbed and dubbed versions will be available simultaneously.

Release Date and Timing for All Regions

As the series approaches its climax, fans are eager to keep track of the release schedule across various time zones.

Here are the global release timings for episode 23:

Time ZoneRelease Date and Time
Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)6:30 am, Thursday, June 6
Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)9:30 am, Thursday, June 6
British Summer Time (BST)2:30 pm, Thursday, June 6
Central European Summer Time (CEST)2:30 pm, Thursday, June 6
Indian Standard Time (IST)7:00 pm, Thursday, June 6
Philippine Standard Time (PST)9:30 pm, Thursday, June 6
Australia Central Standard Time (ACST)11:00 am, Thursday, June 6

Where to Watch Delicious in Dungeon Episode 23

In Japan, episode 23 will be broadcast on Tokyo MX.

Internationally, Netflix holds exclusive streaming rights, ensuring that fans worldwide can enjoy the episode with subbed and dubbed options available at the same time.

Episode 22 Recap

Image via Studio TRIGGER

In the previous episode, viewers saw Laios and his party waking up in the serene Golden Country, where they enjoyed a hearty breakfast.

The tranquility was short-lived as they learned more about the ominous Mad Sorcerer, Thistle.

Thistle’s descent into madness, influenced by black magic, was highlighted, although the exact reasons for his transformation remain shrouded in mystery.

Before departing the Golden Country, the group was advised to seek out the Winged Lion located deep within the dungeon if they wished to confront Thistle.

After leaving, Thistle menacingly appeared and interrogated the villagers about Laios and his party.

The adventure then took a dramatic turn when Senshi was abducted by a griffin.

Marcille’s quick thinking and use of ingredients to craft various familiars were pivotal in rescuing Senshi.

Her finest creation, a Skyfish, played a crucial role in the rescue mission.

However, the episode ended on a bittersweet note as Marcille mourned her fallen familiar, which was then cooked by Laios to her horror.

Senshi then revealed his past, detailing how he and other dwarfs discovered the dungeon while digging underground.

What to Expect in Episode 23

Episode 23 is expected to focus heavily on Senshi’s origins and his connections to the dungeon’s discovery.

Senshi’s fear of the griffin, revealed in episode 22, hints at deeper, perhaps traumatic, experiences related to these creatures.

The episode is likely to explore these fears and provide a richer understanding of Senshi’s character and motivations.

Additionally, the plot will continue to unravel the mysteries surrounding Thistle and his sinister plans.

As Laios and his party venture deeper into the dungeon, they will face increasingly formidable challenges.

The quest for the Winged Lion, mentioned in the previous episode, is expected to take center stage, offering thrilling sequences and significant plot developments.

Senshi’s Backstory

Senshi, a stoic dwarf known for his culinary skills and combat prowess, has always been a mysterious figure.

Episode 23 will shed light on his past, explaining how he ended up in the dungeon and what drives him.

Fans can expect to see flashbacks of Senshi’s early days, his interactions with fellow dwarfs, and the pivotal moments that led him to become the seasoned warrior and cook he is today.

Confronting the Winged Lion

The advice to seek out the Winged Lion suggests that this creature holds vital information or power that can aid in their confrontation with Thistle.

The journey to find the Winged Lion will undoubtedly be fraught with peril, testing the limits of Laios and his companions.

The Mad Sorcerer’s Pursuit

Thistle’s quiet yet persistent pursuit of Laios’s party adds a layer of suspense and urgency to the narrative.

As Thistle gathers more information about them, the danger they face escalates.

Episode 23 may reveal more about Thistle’s plans and how close he is to catching up with the party.

Final Words

Delicious in Dungeon continues to captivate audiences with its unique blend of culinary delights and dungeon-crawling adventures.

Episode 23 promises to be a pivotal chapter, deepening the lore and character backgrounds while pushing the plot toward its thrilling climax.

Fans should mark their calendars for June 6, 2024, and prepare for another exciting installment of this beloved series.

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