How to Get Rune Fragments in Solo Leveling Arise

In “Solo Leveling: Arise,” making Sung Jinwoo stronger is essential for progressing through the game.

While upgrading his primary stats is important, there are unique methods exclusive to him that can further enhance his abilities.

One such method involves using Rune Fragments to upgrade his extensive skill pool.

Understanding Rune Fragments

Sung Jinwoo has access to a wider range of skills compared to other Hunters.

These skills can be augmented by equipping various Runes, which not only alter their damage and effects but also change their behavior in combat.

Crafting these Runes is the best way to obtain them, and crafting requires a significant amount of Rune Fragments.

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Methods to Obtain Rune Fragments

1. Completing Red Gates

The most reliable daily method to acquire Rune Fragments is by completing Red Gates.

Unlike regular gates, players need to spawn Red Gates using Gate Keys.

Successfully managing this can allow players to complete two or three Red Gates per day.

The rewards from Red Gates are not guaranteed and vary, with higher-level gates offering increased amounts of Rune Fragments.

2. Increasing Reputation

Boosting your reputation in “Solo Leveling: Arise” can help you obtain more Gate Keys daily, thereby increasing your chances of spawning and completing Red Gates.

This method is beneficial for consistent access to Rune Fragments.

3. Celebration Coin Exchange

Rune Fragments can be purchased using Celebration Coins.

However, the inventory for these exchanges refreshes every few weeks after depletion.

This method is supplementary and should be used in conjunction with other methods.

4. Salvaging Old Runes

Players can salvage old Runes to get Rune Fragments.

This method is not recommended until much later in the game when players have a surplus of Runes to work with.

5. Skill Rune Support Chests

Skill Rune Support Chests, obtainable as rewards in cycling events, can also yield Rune Fragments.

Participating in these events can provide an additional source of fragments.

Coin Exchange Items

Here’s a quick breakdown of the cost for Rune Fragments in the Celebration Coin Exchange:

  • 20 Rune Fragments: 25 Premium Commemorative Coins
  • 10 Rune Fragments: 120 Commemorative Coins

Using Rune Fragments

Fusion System

To utilize Rune Fragments, players need to access the Fusion menu located towards the bottom of the main menu, marked with a cross icon. Here, players can fuse Skill Rune (Fragments) to boost Sung Jinwoo’s skills.

The fusing process is somewhat random, meaning the fragments will apply to various skills.

Upgrading Runes

Skill Rune (Fragments) can be further fused to create higher rarity Runes, offering more significant stat boosts.

Investing in the fusion system early on is advantageous as even basic Skill Rune (Fragments) provide notable enhancements to stats and overall account power.

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Final Words

Maximizing Sung Jinwoo’s potential in “Solo Leveling: Arise” involves strategically obtaining and using Rune Fragments.

By completing Red Gates, increasing reputation, leveraging the Celebration Coin Exchange, salvaging old Runes, and participating in events, players can gather the necessary fragments to upgrade Sung’s skills effectively.

Utilizing the fusion system ensures that these fragments translate into powerful skill enhancements, making Sung Jinwoo a formidable character in the game.

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