I Parry Everything complete release schedule

I Parry Everything: Complete Release Schedule and Where to Watch

I Parry Everything, the much-anticipated anime, premiered on July 4, 2024, capturing the hearts of fans with its unique storyline and charming characters.

Based on Nabeshiki’s popular light novel series, this anime follows the journey of Noor, a young boy who dreams of becoming an adventurer despite having no natural talent for it.

The series has also been adapted into a manga, which serves as an excellent entry point for those interested in exploring the source material.

Produced by Studio OLM, known for their recent successful adaptation of The Apothecary Diaries, this anime has already garnered a significant following.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the I Parry Everything anime.

Episode Count and Release Schedule

According to the official X (Twitter) account for the anime, I Parry Everything will consist of 12 episodes.

These episodes will be compiled into a single Blu-ray DVD box set.

Despite the high production quality, the series will follow the typical single-cour format, common for many Summer 2024 anime.

Here is the complete release schedule for the anime, including timings for PDT, BST, and IST:

EpisodeDateRelease Timings (PDT/BST/IST)
1July 4, 20248:00 AM / 4:00 PM / 8:30 PM
2July 11, 20248:00 AM / 4:00 PM / 8:30 PM
3July 18, 20248:00 AM / 4:00 PM / 8:30 PM
4July 25, 20248:00 AM / 4:00 PM / 8:30 PM
5August 1, 20248:00 AM / 4:00 PM / 8:30 PM
6August 8, 20248:00 AM / 4:00 PM / 8:30 PM
7August 15, 20248:00 AM / 4:00 PM / 8:30 PM
8August 22, 20248:00 AM / 4:00 PM / 8:30 PM
9August 29, 20248:00 AM / 4:00 PM / 8:30 PM
10September 5, 20248:00 AM / 4:00 PM / 8:30 PM
11September 12, 20248:00 AM / 4:00 PM / 8:30 PM
12September 19, 20248:00 AM / 4:00 PM / 8:30 PM

It’s important to note that these dates and times are subject to change in the event of unforeseen production delays.

However, as of now, the studio has not announced any such delays.

Where to Watch I Parry Everything

I Parry Everything will be broadcast on Tokyo MX, BS11, and other networks in Japan.

For international viewers, the series will be available for streaming on HIDIVE and Muse Asia’s YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, it has not been included in the Summer 2024 lineups for Netflix or Crunchyroll, making HIDIVE and Muse Asia the primary sources for overseas fans.

Plot Overview and What to Expect

The story of I Parry Everything revolves around Noor, a boy from the countryside who became an orphan at a young age.

Following the death of his parents, Noor moved to a nearby town with the hope of becoming an adventurer.

However, he soon discovered that he lacked the talent and proper skills necessary for this dream.

Despite this setback, Noor dedicated years to perfecting a simple parry skill to an extraordinary degree.

The anime follows his journey as he becomes a bodyguard for a princess, unaware that his parry skill has become overwhelmingly powerful due to a decade of rigorous training.

Main Themes and Elements

  1. Adventure and Action: Noor’s adventures and battles form the core of the anime. His encounters with various monsters and adversaries showcase his exceptional parry skills.
  2. Character Development: The series delves into Noor’s past, highlighting his struggles and growth. His bad decisions, such as eating poisonous mushrooms, which inadvertently led to his poison immunity, add a humorous twist to the narrative.
  3. Comedy: Despite its action-centric plot, the anime incorporates a significant amount of comedy, primarily stemming from Noor’s misadventures and his naive yet determined nature.

Production Quality and Expectations

While some fans anticipated a generic production, many are hopeful for a high-quality adaptation given Studio OLM’s impressive track record with The Apothecary Diaries and Summertime Rendering.

The studio’s ability to blend engaging storytelling with vibrant animation has raised expectations for I Parry Everything.

Visuals and Animation

The animation style of I Parry Everything is expected to be dynamic and visually appealing, capturing the essence of the light novel and manga.

The character designs, particularly Noor’s, reflect his journey and the development of his unique skills.

The fight scenes, which are crucial to the story, are anticipated to be fluid and well-choreographed, adding to the overall viewing experience.

Music and Soundtrack

The soundtrack, another essential component of the anime, complements the on-screen action and emotional moments.

Fans are looking forward to a mix of energetic battle themes and more subdued tracks that highlight Noor’s introspective moments.

Voice Acting

The voice cast for I Parry Everything features talented actors who bring the characters to life with their performances.

Noor’s voice actor, in particular, plays a crucial role in conveying the character’s determination and growth throughout the series.

Final Words

I Parry Everything is set to be a standout anime of Summer 2024, offering a blend of adventure, action, comedy, and character development.

With a compelling protagonist in Noor and a storyline that balances humor with intense action, the series promises to be an engaging watch for fans of the genre.

Whether you’re new to the series or a long-time fan of the light novel and manga, I Parry Everything provides an exciting and fresh take on the classic adventure tale.

Be sure to mark your calendars and tune in to HIDIVE or Muse Asia to catch all the episodes as they air.

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