Monogatari: Off and Monster Episode 1 – Release Date, Streaming Details, and More

The highly anticipated first episode of Monogatari: Off and Monster is scheduled for release on Saturday, July 6, 2024, at 10 pm JST.

Fans in Japan can stream this episode on ABEMA.

The excitement is palpable among Monogatari enthusiasts as this series is set during Araragi’s college years.

Unlike previous installments, the focus will be on the girls Araragi has saved.

Adding to the thrill, YOASOBI will perform the opening theme song, “Undead.”

A New Era in the Monogatari Series

Monogatari: Off and Monster is directed by the renowned Akiyuki Shinbo, known for his work on Bakemonogatari.

This new series promises a unique twist, featuring the stories of the girls Araragi saved in the past, now seen through their perspectives.

Set during Araragi’s college years, the series explores their experiences and growth.

Episode Runtime and Global Release

The premiere episode of Monogatari: Off and Monster will have a runtime of 50 minutes, longer than typical episodes of Bakemonogatari.

This extended duration is expected to offer a more in-depth introduction to the new series and its characters. Here are the global release times:

Time ZoneRelease TimeRelease DayRelease Date
Pacific Standard Time6 amSaturdayJuly 6, 2024
Central Standard Time8 amSaturdayJuly 6, 2024
Eastern Standard Time9 amSaturdayJuly 6, 2024
Greenwich Mean Time1 pmSaturdayJuly 6, 2024
Central European Summer Time3 pmSaturdayJuly 6, 2024
Indian Standard Time6:30 pmSaturdayJuly 6, 2024
Philippine Time9 pmSaturdayJuly 6, 2024
Australia Central Standard Time10:30 pmSaturdayJuly 6, 2024

Where to Watch Monogatari: Off and Monster Episode 1

Image via Studio Shaft

For viewers in Japan, ABEMA will stream the episode for free. International fans can catch the simulcast on Crunchyroll, which will offer the English-subtitled version.

While an English-dubbed version is anticipated, it will be available later.

Crunchyroll requires a subscription for streaming new episodes, so fans should ensure they have access to the service.

The Creative Team Behind Monogatari: Off and Monster

Studio Shaft, known for its exceptional work on the Monogatari series, is the animation studio behind this new installment. The key staff includes:

  • Chief Director: Akiyuki Shinbo
  • Director: Midori Yoshizawa
  • Script: Miku Yoshima
  • Music: Kei Haneoka and Satoru Kosaki
  • Original Creator: NisiOisin
  • Original Character Design: VOfan
  • Character Design: Akio Watanabe
  • Art Director: Hisaharu Iijima
  • Editing: Rie Matsubara

Voice Cast

The series boasts an impressive voice cast featuring veterans of the anime industry:

  • Mayoi Hachikuji: Emiri Kato
  • Nadeko Sengoku: Kana Hanazawa
  • Yotsugi Ononoki: Saori Hayami
  • Tsukihi Araragi: Yuka Iguchi
  • Hitagi Senjougahara: Chiwa Saito
  • Koyomi Araragi: Hiroshi Kamiya
  • Ougi Oshino: Kaori Mizuhashi
  • Shinobu Oshino: Maaya Sakamoto
  • Sodachi Oikura: Marina Inoue
  • Suruga Kanbaru: Miyuki Sawashiro

Plot Overview

Image via Studio Shaft

Monogatari: Off and Monster delves into the post-high school life of Araragi Koyomi and the lives of the girls he saved.

The series is adapted from the “Off” and “Monster” novels, which contain short stories set in the same timeline.

The “Off” novels focus on the events happening in the Monogatari universe, while the “Monster” novels provide a glimpse into Araragi’s college life.

Anticipation and Expectations

Fans have eagerly awaited this new chapter in the Monogatari series.

The shift in focus from Araragi to the girls he saved adds a fresh perspective, enriching the narrative and character development.

The inclusion of YOASOBI’s theme song, “Undead,” further heightens the anticipation.

Final Words

Monogatari: Off and Monster episode 1 is set to bring a new dimension to the beloved series.

With its unique focus on Araragi’s past rescues, the series is poised to captivate audiences with its depth and emotional storytelling.

Mark your calendars for July 6, 2024, and get ready to immerse yourself in the latest installment of the Monogatari saga.

Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy the premiere of Monogatari: Off and Monster.

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