My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 9: Release Date, Time, and Viewing Information

“My Hero Academia” continues to captivate its audience with intense battles and intricate storytelling.

As the series progresses, fans eagerly anticipate the release of each new episode.

Season 7, Episode 9 is set to bring more excitement and depth to the narrative.

This article provides all the essential details about the release date, time, and where to watch the upcoming episode, along with a recap of the previous episode and what to expect next.

Release Date and Time

“My Hero Academia” Season 7, Episode 9 is scheduled to premiere on Saturday, June 29, 2024, at 5:30 PM JST.

The episode will be available on various Japanese networks, including Yomiuri TV, Nippon TV, and its affiliates.

For international viewers, the episode can be streamed on platforms like Netflix, Crunchyroll, BiliBili, and other services.

Despite being simulcast worldwide, the release times will vary based on the viewer’s location.

International Release Times

Time ZoneRelease TimeRelease DayRelease Date
Pacific Daylight Time01:30 amSaturdayJune 29, 2024
Eastern Daylight Time04:30 amSaturdayJune 29, 2024
British Summer Time09:30 amSaturdayJune 29, 2024
Central European Summer Time10:30 amSaturdayJune 29, 2024
Indian Standard Time03:00 pmSaturdayJune 29, 2024
Philippine Standard Time05:30 pmSaturdayJune 29, 2024
Japanese Standard Time05:30 pmSaturdayJune 29, 2024
Australian Central Standard Time07:00 pmSaturdayJune 29, 2024

Where to Watch

In Japan, “My Hero Academia” Season 7, Episode 9 will first air on Yomiuri TV, Nippon TV, and its affiliates.

It will subsequently be available on local streaming platforms such as Hulu, ABEMA, Amazon Prime Video, d-anime Store, Disney+, and others. Internationally, the episode will be accessible on Crunchyroll and Netflix.

Recap of Episode 8

Image via Bones

Title: Two Flashfires

Episode 8 of Season 7, titled “Two Flashfires,” adapts chapters 350 to 352 of the manga.

The episode dives deep into Touya Todoroki’s past, exploring how he transformed into the villain known as Dabi.

Touya, once a child yearning for his father’s acknowledgment, experienced deep neglect and disappointment.

This emotional turmoil culminated in the tragic incident at Sekoto Peak, where he nearly burned to death.

Rescued by All For One (AFO), Touya was healed and transformed over three years.

Upon returning home, Touya found his father’s ruthlessness unchanged, reigniting his desire to prove his worth.

The episode showcases the intense battle between Dabi and his brother Shoto Todoroki.

Dabi relentlessly provokes Shoto, criticizing him for not reaching his potential despite having the perfect environment and body.

The battle is fierce, with Dabi using moves like Jetburn and Hell Spider.

However, Shoto counters with his new ultimate move, Flashfire Fist Phosphor: Icebound Crash Coldflame’s Pale Blade.

This technique proves to be the perfect weapon against Dabi, culminating in Shoto’s ultimate move, the Great Glacial Aegir.

The battle ends with the battlefield covered in ice, signifying Shoto’s victory and growth.

What to Expect in Episode 9

Likely Adaptation of Chapters 353 to 355/356

Episode 9 is expected to adapt chapters 353 to 355/356 of the manga.

The aftermath of the battle between Shoto and Dabi will be a focal point, showcasing the heroes’ triumph in this part of the war.

News of Shoto’s victory will spread, influencing other ongoing battles.

Focus on Endeavor and All For One

The scene is likely to shift to Endeavor’s confrontation with AFO.

This battle is anticipated to be another intense encounter, with Endeavor facing immense challenges.

Additionally, Kyoka Jiro and Fumikage Tokoyomi are expected to make appearances, aiding Endeavor and Hawks in their fight against the villains.

Fans can look forward to explosive battles and significant developments in the storyline.

Character Appearances

  • Endeavor: Facing off against AFO, showcasing his strength and determination.
  • Kyoka Jiro and Fumikage Tokoyomi: Providing crucial support to Endeavor and Hawks.
  • Shoto Todoroki: Dealing with the aftermath of his battle with Dabi and possibly joining other battles.

Final Words

“My Hero Academia” Season 7, Episode 9 promises to deliver high-stakes action and significant character development.

With the release set for June 29, 2024, fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Whether you’re watching on Japanese networks or international streaming platforms, this episode is sure to be a thrilling continuation of the series.

Be sure to tune in to witness the unfolding drama and epic battles in the world of heroes and villains.

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