That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime episode 62 Release Date and Time and Where to Watch

Anime enthusiasts, rejoice!

The highly anticipated Episode 62 of “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” is just around the corner.

Scheduled to release on Friday, July 5, 2024, at 11 pm JST on Nippon Television in Japan, this episode promises to continue the thrilling adventures of Rimuru Tempest and his diverse companions.

Following its television debut, the episode will be available for global streaming on Crunchyroll, Muse Asia, and other platforms with English subtitles.

Recap of Episode 61: Setting the Stage

Before diving into what awaits us in Episode 62, let’s revisit the key events of Episode 61.

This episode was a blend of political intrigue, personal development, and preparations for future festivities.

Ramiris’ New Home

Ramiris, accompanied by Treyni and Beretta, arrived in Jura Tempest seeking a new residence after abandoning her previous labyrinth.

Rimuru Tempest, always the resourceful leader, found an ideal location for the pixie and even assigned her a fitting role in the town.

The Founder’s Festival Invitations

Meanwhile, the episode delved into the reactions of neighboring nations to Rimuru’s invitation to the founder’s festival.

King Gazel of Dwargon, despite his advisors’ concerns, chose to trust Rimuru’s intentions, highlighting the growing bonds between Tempest and other realms.

Diplomatic Maneuvers in Sarion

In the Sorcerous Dynasty of Sarion, Archduke Erald delivered Rimuru’s invitation to Emperor Elmesia El Ru Sarion.

Though initially upset with Erald for not taking her to Tempest, Elmesia ultimately recognized Rimuru’s potential and the strategic importance of their alliance.

What to Expect in Episode 62

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Titled “The Labyrinth and The Storm Dragon,” Episode 62 is set to expand on the exciting developments from its predecessor.

Here’s a sneak peek into what you can anticipate:

Ramiris’ Labyrinth and Tourism Plans

Rimuru’s vision for Ramiris includes creating an underground dungeon that doubles as a tourist attraction.

This innovative idea not only provides a home for Ramiris but also aims to boost Jura Tempest’s appeal to visitors.

Ramiris is thrilled to take charge of this new venture, showing her commitment to making the labyrinth a success.

The Arena Project

In addition to the labyrinth, Rimuru plans to construct an arena outside the Western gate.

This development is crucial, as the current vacant area houses Lycanthrope refugees.

Ramiris proposes using her powers to transfer the refugees to the new dungeon, thus freeing up space for the arena.

Collaboration with Veldora

According to the episode’s preview, Rimuru will seek assistance from Veldora, the formidable Storm Dragon.

This collaboration hints at significant challenges that only Veldora’s unique abilities can overcome, adding an element of suspense and excitement to the narrative.

Global Release Timings

For fans outside Japan, simulcast timings will vary based on time zones. Here are the release times for different regions:

Time ZonesDateTime
Pacific Daylight TimeFriday, July 58:30 am
Central Standard TimeFriday, July 510:30 am
Eastern Daylight TimeFriday, July 511:30 am
Brazil Standard TimeFriday, July 512:30 pm
British Summer TimeFriday, July 54:30 pm
Central European Summer TimeFriday, July 55:30 pm
Indian Standard TimeFriday, July 58:30 pm
Philippines Standard TimeFriday, July 511 pm
Australian Central Daylight TimeSaturday, July 61 am

These varied timings ensure that fans worldwide can enjoy the episode almost simultaneously, fostering a global community of anime lovers sharing the excitement.

Where to Watch

Anime aficionados in Japan can catch the episode on Nippon Television’s Friday Anime Night slot.

For international viewers, Crunchyroll will stream the episode globally.

Additionally, Muse Asia’s YouTube channel offers free streaming for fans in subcontinental countries. Other platforms like Bilibili Global, Netflix, Aniplus TV, and CatchPlay also provide access to the episode, ensuring widespread availability.

Episode 61: Detailed Recap

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Let’s delve deeper into the events of Episode 61 to fully appreciate the buildup to Episode 62.

The Conference in Dwargon

The episode opens with a significant conference in Dwargon, where King Gazel receives a letter from Rimuru inviting him to the founder’s festival.

Despite his subordinates’ reservations, King Gazel’s decision to trust Rimuru underscores the diplomatic nuances and the developing relationships between different nations.

Ramiris’ Arrival and Her New Role

Back in Tempest, Rimuru is seen strategizing for the upcoming festival, contemplating the perfect events to captivate attendees.

His thoughts are interrupted by Ramiris, engaged in a spirited debate with Gobkyuu, a skilled craftsman.

Rimuru learns about Ramiris’ quest for a new home and seizes the opportunity to integrate her into Tempest’s plans, showcasing his knack for strategic thinking and community building.

Sarion’s Response

In the Sorcerous Dynasty of Sarion, Archduke Erald’s delivery of Rimuru’s invitation to Emperor Elmesia is a pivotal moment.

Despite initial frustrations, Elmesia’s eventual recognition of Rimuru’s capabilities highlights the strategic importance of their alliance.

Her acknowledgment of Rimuru’s unique skills from another world sets the stage for deeper collaboration and mutual growth.

Rimuru’s Vision for Tempest

The episode concludes with Rimuru unveiling his plans for Ramiris’ labyrinth and the new arena.

His strategic mind is evident as he balances the needs of refugees with the desire to create a thriving, tourist-friendly environment.

Ramiris’ enthusiastic acceptance of her role is a testament to Rimuru’s leadership and vision.

Anticipation for Episode 62

As fans eagerly await Episode 62, the stage is set for an exciting continuation of Rimuru’s adventures.

The blend of political strategy, personal development, and innovative planning ensures that the series remains engaging and dynamic.

With the addition of Veldora’s involvement, the upcoming episode promises to be a thrilling installment in the saga of “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.”

Stay tuned for the release, and prepare to be captivated by the unfolding events in Jura Tempest.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the series, Episode 62 is sure to deliver excitement, intrigue, and the unique charm that has made this anime a global sensation.

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