Where to Start Reading A Condition Called Love Manga After Season 1?

You can start reading A Condition Called Love manga from Chapter 23 after finishing Season 1 of the anime.

If you want to catch any minor omitted scenes, you can begin from Chapter 21.

With the spring anime season concluding, fans are once again faced with the bittersweet moment of saying goodbye to another beloved series.

A Condition Called Love has managed to captivate its audience with each episode, weaving together the lives of two complex characters who share troubled pasts.

Initially met with some skepticism due to the controversial male lead, the anime quickly won over critics with its nuanced character development and engaging storyline.

As one of the standout romance anime of the season, A Condition Called Love has set a high standard for its peers.

The first season concluded on a satisfying note, leaving fans eager for more.

However, with no announcement of a second season yet, many viewers are turning to the manga to continue Hotaru and Hananoi’s journey.

Given the differences in adaptation, it can be tricky to determine where to pick up the manga after finishing the anime.

This guide aims to clarify that and provide a seamless transition from the anime to the manga.

Understanding the Anime-Manga Relationship

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Before diving into where to start reading the manga, it’s important to understand how anime adaptations work.

Anime series often condense, rearrange, or omit parts of the original manga to fit into a limited number of episodes.

This can result in the exclusion of certain scenes or details that might be crucial for a deeper understanding of the story.

Despite these changes, A Condition Called Love has stayed relatively true to its source material, making it easier for fans to transition from one medium to the other.

The Adaptation of A Condition Called Love

The first season of A Condition Called Love adapted roughly 22 chapters of the manga, spreading them across 12 episodes.

The studio behind the adaptation, East Fish Studio, maintained the essence of the story with only minor modifications.

These changes were generally made to enhance the pacing and fit the episodic format of the anime.

As a result, viewers can pick up the manga from chapter 23 without missing significant plot points.

Where to Start Reading the Manga

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Option 1: Start from Chapter 23

For most fans, starting from chapter 23 is the most straightforward option.

This chapter picks up right where the anime left off, continuing the story seamlessly.

Readers will find familiar characters and situations, making it an easy transition from the anime.

Starting from this point ensures that you don’t miss any new developments and can follow the plot as it unfolds in the manga.

Option 2: Start from Chapter 21

For those who want to ensure they haven’t missed any details or feel uneasy about potential omissions, starting from chapter 21 is a viable option.

Although the anime’s final episode covers some scenes from this chapter, reading from here provides a sense of continuity and completeness.

This approach caters to the dedicated fans who prefer a comprehensive understanding of the story, including any subtle nuances that might have been lost in the adaptation.

Option 3: Start from the Beginning

While this might seem like a redundant option for those who have just finished the anime, starting from the very beginning of the manga is an option worth considering.

This allows readers to experience the story in its original form, with all the intricate details and character interactions that might have been condensed or omitted in the anime.

It provides a richer and more immersive experience, especially for fans who fell in love with the characters and want to explore every facet of their journey.

Why Read the Manga?

Deeper Character Development

One of the primary reasons to read the manga is the deeper character development it offers.

The manga format allows for more detailed exploration of the characters’ thoughts, emotions, and backgrounds.

This can enhance the understanding of their actions and motivations, providing a more rounded view of the story.

Additional Scenes and Details

As mentioned earlier, anime adaptations often leave out minor scenes and details to fit the episodic structure.

The manga includes these moments, offering a fuller picture of the narrative.

These additional scenes can add depth to the story and provide a richer reading experience.

Continued Story

With no announcement of a second season, the manga is the only way to continue following Hotaru and Hananoi’s story.

Reading the manga ensures you stay up to date with the latest developments and don’t miss out on any new twists and turns in their relationship.

How to Get Started

Finding the Manga

The manga for A Condition Called Love is widely available through various platforms.

Digital editions can be found on websites like ComiXology, Kindle, and other e-book retailers.

Physical copies are available through major bookstores and online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Catching Up

If you decide to start from chapter 23, you can quickly catch up on the story by reading a few chapters at a time.

The manga’s engaging narrative makes it easy to binge-read, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of Hotaru and Hananoi once again.

Joining the Community

Engaging with other fans can enhance your reading experience.

Joining online communities, forums, and social media groups dedicated to A Condition Called Love provides an opportunity to discuss theories, share favorite moments, and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

These communities often have dedicated threads discussing the manga, offering insights and perspectives that enrich your understanding of the story.

Final Words

Where to Start A Condition Called Love Manga After Season 1? is a common question among fans eager to continue the journey of Hotaru and Hananoi.

Whether you choose to start from chapter 23, chapter 21, or from the very beginning, the manga offers a deeper, more detailed exploration of their relationship.

With its rich character development and additional scenes, the manga is a rewarding continuation for those who fell in love with the anime.

So grab your copy, find a cozy spot, and dive back into the world of A Condition Called Love—there’s plenty more of the story waiting to be discovered.

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