Wuthering Waves Characters Tier List

“Wuthering Waves,” the latest open-world action RPG by Kuro Games, has taken the gaming community by storm since its release on May 22, 2024.

With a diverse cast of characters known as Resonators, players are eager to know which ones stand out in terms of performance.

This tier list aims to help players, especially beginners, by ranking all available Resonators based on their utility and overall effectiveness in version 1.0 of the game.

Overview of Resonators and Roles

In “Wuthering Waves,” Resonators are categorized into two rarities: 4-Star and 5-Star.

Each Resonator possesses one of six elemental types: Aero, Electro, Fusion, Glacio, Havoc, and Spectro.

They can equip one of five weapon types: Broadblade, Gauntlet, Rectifier, Pistols, and Sword. Resonators also perform specific roles during battles: DPS (damage dealer), Sub-DPS, or Support.

This tier list assumes Resonators are equipped with maximum-rarity Echoes, their best weapons, are at S0 (no duplicates), and have max upgrades.

SS-Tier Resonators: The Best of the Best

Verina: Support

Verina tops the SS-tier list due to her exceptional healing and buffing abilities.

Her skills ensure that the team remains resilient during intense battles.

Her buffs enhance the performance of other Resonators, making her an invaluable asset in any team composition.

Yinlin: Sub-DPS

Yinlin is a powerhouse in the Sub-DPS role.

Her ability to deal consistent damage while supporting the main DPS makes her a crucial part of any high-performing team.

Her skills synergize well with various team setups, providing flexibility in combat strategies.

Jiyan: DPS

Jiyan excels as a primary damage dealer. With high burst damage and reliable sustained attacks, Jiyan can quickly eliminate threats.

His kit makes him one of the most robust characters for progressing through challenging content and farming resources efficiently.

S-Tier Resonators: Strong Alternatives

Calcharo: DPS

Calcharo is a formidable DPS character, offering significant damage output.

While not as powerful as SS-tier characters, Calcharo can hold his own in most situations, providing a reliable option for players who haven’t obtained SS-tier Resonators.

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Encore: DPS

Encore is another excellent DPS choice, known for his versatility and damage potential.

He can adapt to different combat scenarios, making him a valuable addition to any team.

Mortefi: Sub-DPS

Mortefi stands out in the Sub-DPS category with his ability to support the main DPS while dealing considerable damage.

His utility in various team compositions makes him a strong pick for players looking to optimize their damage output.

Baizhi: Support

Baizhi excels as a support character, offering healing and buffs that enhance team survivability and effectiveness.

While not as potent as Verina, Baizhi is a reliable choice for maintaining team health and performance.

A-Tier Resonators: Reliable Performers

Danjin: DPS

Danjin is a solid DPS character, capable of handling tough monsters with the right build and upgrades.

While he may not match the power of higher-tier characters, Danjin is a dependable option for players looking to diversify their team.

Rover (Spectro): DPS

Rover, with his Spectro element, provides unique abilities that can turn the tide in battles.

His DPS capabilities are strong, making him a valuable asset in various combat situations.

Sanhua: Sub-DPS

Sanhua is an effective Sub-DPS character, offering support through her damage-dealing abilities.

She can enhance the main DPS’s performance, making her a key player in balanced team compositions.

B-Tier Resonators: Average Performers

Chixia: DPS

Chixia performs adequately in the early game but requires a high skill level to be effective in more challenging content.

She is a good placeholder until better Resonators are obtained.

Lingyang: DPS

Lingyang offers decent damage output but lacks the versatility of higher-tier characters.

Players can use Lingyang in early stages but should aim to replace her as they progress.

Jianxin: Sub-DPS

Jianxin provides moderate support in the Sub-DPS role but doesn’t excel in any particular area.

He is suitable for early-game content but is outclassed by other Sub-DPS options.

Yuanwu: Sub-DPS

Yuanwu offers some utility in battles but falls short compared to higher-tier Sub-DPS characters.

He is best used temporarily until more powerful Resonators are available.

Yangyang: Support

Yangyang provides basic support capabilities, offering healing and buffs that help in the early game.

However, she should be replaced by more effective support characters as players advance.

C-Tier Resonators: Limited Utility

Aalto: Sub-DPS

Aalto’s performance is lackluster, with low damage output and limited support abilities.

Players should avoid investing resources in Aalto unless no other options are available.

Taoqi: Support

Taoqi offers minimal support and doesn’t contribute significantly to team performance.

She is best used as a last resort and should be replaced as soon as better support Resonators are obtained.

Final Words

This tier list provides a general overview of the Resonators’ utility in the current meta.

While SS-tier characters like Verina, Yinlin, and Jiyan stand out for their exceptional abilities, players can still succeed with characters from lower tiers by mastering their combat styles and using optimal builds.

Remember, personal preference and playstyle play significant roles in choosing the right Resonators for your team.

Experiment with different characters, practice their skills, and enjoy your adventure in “Wuthering Waves.”

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