Mission: Yozakura Family Episode 12 Release Date, Streaming Information, and Expected Plot

Mission: Yozakura Family Episode 12 is on the horizon, bringing with it more intrigue and excitement as Taiyo meets his grandfather in this highly anticipated episode.

Fans won’t want to miss it, so read on to get the release date, expected plot, and more!

Episode 12 Release Date and Streaming Platforms

According to the official website and social media channels, Mission: Yozakura Family Episode 12 is scheduled to be released on Sunday, June 23, 2024, at 5:00 PM JST in Japan.

Viewers outside of Asia might experience a slight delay in the simulcast, but a 30-minute delay should be expected for most regions.

Fans in select regions (excluding Asia) will be able to watch the episode on Disney+.

In the United States, Mission: Yozakura Family Episode 12 will be exclusively available on Hulu.

For viewers in Southeast Asia, iQIYI offers an alternative streaming platform to catch the latest episode.

Additionally, Netflix provides streaming of the anime in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Expected Plot of Mission: Yozakura Family Episode 12

Titled “Prison Break Grandpa,” Mission: Yozakura Family Episode 12 promises to deliver an action-packed storyline.

In this episode, Ban, Mutsumi’s esteemed grandfather, escapes from jail.

Taiyo will be taken to a club by Ban to celebrate his grandkids’ wedding while evading capture attempts by Kyoichiro.

Taiyo, determined to bring Ban back to prison, will face a series of challenges.

The episode is expected to feature a thrilling chase, escalating further when Keiko Yozakura arrives to return Ban to prison.

This blend of action and family dynamics is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Recap of Mission: Yozakura Family Episode 11

Image by Disney+, Hulu

Before diving into the details of Episode 12, let’s take a quick look back at Episode 11, titled “Yozakura Ghost Stories/Spy License.”

Training and Discoveries

Episode 11 begins with Futaba training Taiyo to enhance his reflexes.

After an intense session, they return to the mansion where Mutsumi welcomes them.

Mutsumi, while cleaning, finds an old album containing pictures from when Nanao passed his Spy License exam.

Curious about the Spy License, Taiyo learns from Futaba that it is a membership card issued by the Spy Association.

The annual tests grant different ranks, from Bronze to Gold, each offering various rewards and benefits.

Futaba, holding a gold-ranked license, sparks Taiyo’s interest in taking the test.

Kyoichiro warns Taiyo about the importance of passing the test on the first try to uphold the family’s honor.

The episode then shifts to Shion’s room, where Ayaka accidentally causes a glitch in Shion’s computer system, leading to a ghostly apparition on-screen, which terrifies Futaba despite her combat skills.

Ghost Stories and Support

The episode continues with Mutsumi and others comforting the frightened Futaba.

That night, Mutsumi reads the story of Momotaro to Futaba to help her sleep but falls asleep herself, leaving Taiyo to finish the story. Futaba thanks Taiyo and wishes him luck on the Spy License test.

The Spy License Exam

Taiyo participates in the exam, cheered on by Mutsumi.

After clearing the first round, he is attacked by another candidate but is saved by a blonde-haired spy, Tsukiyo Hoshifuru, who declares his love for Taiyo.

Mutsumi explains that Tsukiyo, known as a “playboy,” flirts with everyone, which Taiyo finds irritating.

Despite Tsukiyo’s distracting gestures, Taiyo perseveres through the challenging tests.

During the final test, as the ground crumbles, Tsukiyo helps Taiyo reach the safe zone at the cost of his own disqualification.

However, Tsukiyo reveals himself to be the exam proctor and commends Taiyo for his humanity, declaring him the winner of the Spy License exam.

The episode ends on a humorous note with Tsukiyo expressing his continued affection for Taiyo.

What to Expect in Episode 12

Mission: Yozakura Family Episode 12 is expected to deliver high-stakes action and emotional moments as Taiyo confronts his grandfather.

The episode will likely explore the dynamics between Taiyo, Ban, and the rest of the Yozakura family, highlighting themes of loyalty, family bonds, and the challenges of upholding one’s principles.

Key Points to Look Out For:

  • Ban’s Escape: The episode will center around Ban’s dramatic escape from jail and his attempts to evade capture.
  • Taiyo’s Resolve: Taiyo’s determination to bring Ban back to prison will be tested as he faces various obstacles.
  • Family Dynamics: The interactions between Taiyo, Ban, and the rest of the Yozakura family will provide depth to the storyline.
  • Action and Chase: Expect thrilling chase scenes and clever tactics as the characters navigate their conflicting goals.

Final Words

Mission: Yozakura Family Episode 12 promises to be an exciting addition to the series, with its blend of action, humor, and heartfelt moments.

The episode’s release on June 23, 2024, will bring fans closer to the unfolding drama and adventures of the Yozakura family.

Make sure to tune in on your preferred streaming platform and stay updated with the latest episodes.

For more updates and insights into the Mission: Yozakura Family anime, keep an eye on reliable sources and official announcements.

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