Where to Start Reading Solo Leveling Manhwa After Anime?

In Short

The first season of Solo Leveling anime wraps up with the gripping Job Change arc, covering content until chapter 45.

To seamlessly continue the adventure in the Solo Leveling manhwa, head straight to chapter 46, where the Red Gate arc begins.

Alternatively, if you’re opting for the Solo Leveling web novel, kickstart your reading journey from chapter 56 for an engaging narrative experience.

Welcome, avid Solo Leveling enthusiasts!

The buzz surrounding the Solo Leveling anime has been nothing short of electrifying, captivating audiences with Sung Jinwoo’s thrilling evolution from a timid E-rank hunter to the formidable Shadow Monarch.

As we eagerly await the next season of the anime, there’s no better time to venture into the richly detailed world of the Solo Leveling manhwa.

Join me as we embark on a journey beyond the anime’s boundaries, delving deeper into the story and discovering where to pick up the adventure in the manhwa.


solo leveling season 2
Credit: DUBU

Solo Leveling anime season 1 covered significant ground, adapting key arcs from the manhwa.

Viewers witnessed Jinwoo’s transformation from a lowly E-rank hunter to the formidable Shadow Monarch.

However, with the season’s conclusion, fans are left eagerly awaiting future installments to continue Jinwoo’s saga.

As we anticipate the next season’s release, there’s an opportunity to bridge the gap by exploring the expansive world of the Solo Leveling manhwa.

Chapter Recommendations

  • For those eager to dive into the manhwa after the anime, I recommend starting from chapter 46, where the Red Gate arc commences. This ensures a smooth transition from the anime’s conclusion to the continuation of Jinwoo’s journey in the manhwa.
  • Additionally, revisiting chapter 45 provides a clear recap of the anime’s endpoint, offering a seamless segue into the manhwa’s narrative.

Web Novel Option

  • For readers interested in exploring an alternative format, the web novel version of Solo Leveling offers a compelling option.
  • Starting from chapter 56 aligns with the beginning of the Red Gate arc, providing a parallel experience to the manhwa.
  • It’s worth noting that while both the manhwa and web novel follow the same overarching story, they offer unique experiences due to differences in format and storytelling techniques.
  • Whether you prefer the visually immersive world of the manhwa or the more detailed narrative of the web novel, both options promise an engaging journey through the world of Solo Leveling.

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Future Adaptations

sung jin woo vs ant king
Credit: DUBU

With the conclusion of Solo Leveling Season 1, fans eagerly anticipate the possibilities of Season 2.

Based on the pacing of the first season, it’s reasonable to estimate that Season 2 may adapt chapters up to the Return to Demon Castle Arc, approximately chapter 89.

This projection offers fans a glimpse into the potential progression of the anime adaptation, fueling excitement for the continuation of Jinwoo’s epic journey.

Furthermore, speculation about future arcs, such as the highly anticipated Jeju Island arc, adds to the anticipation, hinting at thrilling battles and character developments to come.

As fans eagerly await news of Season 2, discussions and theories about potential adaptations serve to keep the excitement alive within the Solo Leveling community.

Final Words

In conclusion, let’s keep the excitement alive for Solo Leveling!

Thank you for joining this journey into the manhwa world.

Remember, you can start from chapter 46 for the manhwa or chapter 56 for the web novel.

Dive in, and don’t forget to share your experiences and theories with fellow fans.

Let’s continue to build our Solo Leveling community together!

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