Kagurabachi Chapter 40 Spoilers: Hishaku’s Grand Scheme Unveiled as Kyora and Chihiro Clash

The anticipation for Kagurabachi chapter 40 has reached a fever pitch, with fans eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Released on Thursday, July 4, 2024, the spoilers didn’t disappoint.

This chapter, officially dropping on Monday, July 8, 2024, at 12 am JST in Weekly Shonen Jump issue #32, continues the high-stakes battle between Kyora Sazanami and Chihiro Rokuhira, revealing critical details about Hishaku’s machinations.

Recap of Previous Events

In the preceding chapter, Chihiro Rokuhira, with the assistance of his ally Hakuri Sazanami, managed to corner Kyora.

Chihiro cleverly used a decoy to distract Kyora, allowing him to launch a decisive attack.

Despite this, Kyora’s indomitable spirit led him to consider unleashing the power of the Shinuchi blade.

Hishaku’s Master Plan Revealed

Chapter 40 dives deeper into the intricate plot surrounding the Shinuchi blade.

The spoilers, titled “A Fraction,” kick off with Kyora preparing to showcase a mere fraction of the Shinuchi’s power.

The tension is palpable as the audience, including the Kamunani sorcerers, watch with bated breath.

Sensing the imminent threat, Chihiro employs a Kuro technique on the ground where Kyora hides.

This tactical move is interspersed with a flashback that provides crucial insights into Hishaku’s strategy.

Shiba, one of Chihiro’s allies, hypothesizes that the Hishaku intend to auction the Shinuchi blade, aiming to lure the Kamunabi into purchasing it.

The Strategic Auction

Image via Takeru Hokazono/Shueisha

The flashback reveals that Hishaku’s true objective is to exploit the blade’s powers.

However, to do so, they must eliminate the original user, who is under stringent protection by the Kamunabi authorities.

The complexity of this situation lies in the heavy seals placed on the Shinuchi blade, designed by Kamunabi’s elite sorcerers.

Chihiro recalls his father, Kunishige Rokuhira, describing the Shinuchi as an aberration, heavily guarded due to its immense potential.

Chihiro himself has never seen the contents of the Shinuchi’s box, underscoring its mysterious and dangerous nature.

The Challenge of Unsealing the Shinuchi

Shiba supports Chihiro’s perspective, noting that the blade is sealed with biometrics, making unauthorized access nearly impossible.

The spoilers suggest that while it is conceivable for someone to study and unlock the seal formula, it would take an experienced sorcerer about a decade to succeed.

This daunting timeframe means that as long as the seals are intact, the Hishaku cannot wield the Shinuchi’s full power.

Therefore, putting the blade up for auction is a strategic move to stir up chaos and create an opportunity to strike.

The Hishaku Leader’s Gamble

The narrative shifts focus to the Hishaku leader, who discusses his bold plan with a mysterious associate.

He reveals his three-year endeavor to unlock the Shinuchi’s box.

When questioned about allowing Kyora to use the blade, he acknowledges the risk involved, especially with the original user still alive.

The leader’s admission highlights a crucial aspect of Hishaku’s plan: using Kyora as a test subject.

This experiment with the Shinuchi blade aims to uncover its potential, regardless of the peril it poses.

The Battle Intensifies

Returning to the battlefield, the suspense heightens as Kyora, with a darkened right eye, stands almost motionless, clutching the unsheathed Shinuchi blade.

The original user’s blood seeps into the ground, from which strange flowers bloom, symbolizing the blade’s malevolent energy.

In a chilling moment, Kyora chants “Magatsumi,” translating to “Twisted Sin.”

A pool of blood forms at his feet, and a butterfly emerges, transforming into a colossal entity of blood.

This grotesque manifestation underscores the Shinuchi’s horrifying power.

Chihiro’s Realization and the Final Showdown

Kyora speaks at last, admitting his inability to draw the Enchanted Blade.

Chihiro, shocked by Kyora’s transformation, faces a formidable adversary wielding an unsheathed blade that cuts with a fraction of its full power.

Meanwhile, Hakuri, fatigued from the intense battle, senses a familiar presence behind him.

The chapter concludes with a dramatic twist as Hiyuki Kagari makes a timely appearance, adding another layer of complexity to the ongoing conflict.

Final Thoughts

Kagurabachi chapter 40 promises to be a pivotal installment, blending intense action with intricate plot revelations.

Hishaku’s grand scheme, the enigmatic Shinuchi blade, and the fierce battle between Kyora and Chihiro set the stage for an exhilarating continuation.

Fans eagerly await the official release to witness how these developments unfold and shape the future of Kagurabachi’s narrative.

As the saga progresses, the stakes continue to rise, ensuring that each chapter delivers a compelling blend of suspense, strategy, and supernatural elements that keep readers on the edge of their seats.

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