Sakamoto Days Chapter 168: Release Date, What to Expect, and More

Sakamoto Days, a standout in the action manga genre, is set to release its much-anticipated chapter 168.

Fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting the latest developments, especially after the dramatic events of the previous chapter.

This article will provide all the details you need to know about the release date, what to expect, and where to read the new chapter.

Release Date and Time

Sakamoto Days chapter 168 will be released in Japan on Monday, June 3, 2024, at 12 am JST.

For fans outside Japan, here are the release times across various time zones:

Time ZoneRelease DayRelease DateRelease Time
Pacific Daylight TimeSundayJune 2, 20248 am
Central Daylight TimeSundayJune 2, 202410 am
Eastern Daylight TimeSundayJune 2, 202411 am
British Summer TimeSundayJune 2, 20244 pm
Central European Summer TimeSundayJune 2, 20245 pm
India Standard TimeSundayJune 2, 20248:30 pm
Philippine TimeSundayJune 2, 202411 pm
Japan Standard TimeMondayJune 3, 202412 am
Australian Central Standard TimeMondayJune 3, 202412:30 am

Where to Read

Fans can read Sakamoto Days chapter 168 on Viz Media’s official website, Shueisha’s MANGAPlus service, or the Shonen Jump+ app.

These platforms offer the latest chapters for free, providing an accessible way for fans to keep up with the series.

Recap of Chapter 167

Chapter 167 of Sakamoto Days was a rollercoaster of emotions and intense action.

The chapter highlighted Takamura’s ruthlessness, as he expressed his belief that many people in the world do not deserve to live.

In a bid to protect Uzuki, Haruma was brutally dismembered by Takamura.

As Takamura advanced on Uzuki, Sakamoto and Nagumo attempted to intercept him despite their injuries.

However, their efforts seemed futile against Takamura’s overwhelming strength.

Gaku then joined the fray, using his mace to combat Takamura’s katana.

In a dramatic turn of events, Gaku caught Takamura’s blade with his mouth, breaking off its tip and using the fragment to slash Takamura’s face, only to be fatally stabbed in the heart.

The chapter culminated with Uzuki experiencing a mental breakdown as he was haunted by memories of his past and the loss of his friends.

In a shocking twist, Uzuki, seemingly overwhelmed by stress, developed a new persona resembling Takamura and managed to kill him, splitting him in half.

This dramatic conclusion left Sakamoto and Nagumo in disbelief.

What to Expect from Chapter 168

With the stunning end of Takamura, Sakamoto Days chapter 168 is poised to explore the aftermath of Uzuki’s transformation and the consequences of his new persona.

The death of Gaku and Haruma, two of Uzuki’s closest friends, has left him deeply traumatized.

Although he has avenged their deaths, the implications of his new personality are uncertain.

Uzuki’s new persona, reminiscent of Takamura, presents a formidable challenge.

The Rion personality previously wanted Sakamoto and Nagumo to kill Uzuki, but the Takamura persona might resist such an outcome.

There is also the possibility that Uzuki could develop additional personalities as he faces more life-threatening situations, each bringing a unique set of skills and complications.

Speculative Elements

The upcoming chapter might delve into the dynamics of Uzuki’s multiple personalities and how they will affect his relationships with Sakamoto and Nagumo.

The shift in Uzuki’s personality could introduce new conflicts and alliances, adding further depth to the storyline.

Readers are also eager to see the focus return to Asaki, whose assassination plot has caused significant turmoil.

Asaki’s actions have set off a chain of events leading to numerous deaths, and his fate remains a critical point of interest.

Chapter 168 could provide insights into his next moves and how the remaining characters will respond to the chaos he has instigated.

Final Words

Sakamoto Days continues to captivate its audience with unpredictable plot twists and intense character developments.

Chapter 168 is expected to build on the dramatic events of the previous chapter, exploring the repercussions of Uzuki’s transformation and the ongoing conflict with Asaki.

Fans can look forward to another thrilling installment in this acclaimed series.

Stay tuned and mark your calendars for June 3, 2024, to catch the latest chapter of Sakamoto Days.

Whether you’re following the series on Viz Media, MANGAPlus, or the Shonen Jump+ app, you won’t want to miss the next exciting developments in Yuto Suzuki’s masterful narrative.

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