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Tower of God Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Bam Continues His Ascent as Ja Wangnan Joins the Fray

Tower of God Season 2 Episode 1, titled “Last Chance,” aired on Sunday, June 7, 2024, at 11 pm JST.

The episode continues the story of Bam, whose survival is revealed as he remains determined to ascend the Tower in search of answers.

Meanwhile, Princess Yuri is also on a quest, convinced of Bam’s survival and searching for him.

In this episode, viewers are introduced to Ja Wangnan, a new main character for this season, who is undergoing the E-rank screening tests where he encounters Bam.

However, their initial meeting quickly turns chaotic as Bam attacks everyone during the test.

A Rocky Start: Wangnan and Bam’s First Encounter

Tower of God season 2 episode 1 review
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Bam’s Journey Begins with Hwaryun as Yuri Searches for Him

The episode opens with a dramatic scene where Rachel pushes Bam into the Shinsu lake.

Against all odds, Bam survives and awakens in a cavern, having been saved by Hwaryun.

She informs Bam that he possesses a unique power that holds the key to understanding their world and has the potential to become the god of the Tower.

Despite Hwaryun’s offer of power, Bam refuses, stating his reasons for climbing the Tower.

Hwaryun introduces herself formally and welcomes him to the Tower, indicating that the end of the Tower is beginning as they proceed.

The scene then shifts to Jahad Palace where Princess Yuri returns with the Green April and inquires about her sister, Repellista.

She encounters another sister, Maschenny, and their brief conversation hints at the tension between them.

Yuri meets Repellista, who congratulates her and mentions that Garam was the last person to possess two of the 13-month series.

Yuri asks Repellista to locate Bam, confident that he wouldn’t die easily.

Repellista agrees, but only if Yuri promises to do something for her in return. As Yuri leaves, Repellista begins her search, remarking that the Prince of Jahad will soon return.

Ja Wangnan Enters the Narrative as the E-rank Screenings Begin

The story then shifts to the Tower’s 20th floor where Ja Wangnan explains that Regulars who have already entered the Tower must retake high-difficulty tests to climb higher and achieve an E-rank.

Wangnan encounters a young boy before the focus shifts to the screening exam. Despite his strong determination to become the King of the Tower, Wangnan fails the test.

Frustrated, he returns home and vents his anger while bathing. His moneylender arrives, demanding repayment.

Wangnan attempts to escape, but the lender informs him that he is under constant watch.

Wangnan promises to repay the debt, and the lender gives him one last chance, requiring him to sign a contract that allows them to claim his organs if he fails.

A boy from earlier delivers ramen, and the lender pays him before leaving.

Wangnan chats with the boy, who is in a similar financial predicament.

The boy gives Wangnan a celebration coupon for when he passes the test.

Determined, Wangnan vows to build the boy a ramen shop when he becomes king.

The narrative then shifts focus to Wangnan’s ring, which bears the Jahad symbol.

The Chaotic Screening Test: Wangnan Meets Bam

Tower of God season 2 episode 1 review
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Wangnan retakes the test, which begins with a 30-minute survival exam.

During the test, he encounters Bam, who has already defeated every other examinee.

Determined not to lose, Wangnan proposes an alliance with Bam, who remains silent but refrains from attacking him.

Wangnan also teams up with three other examinees: a man, a child, and a woman.

As the last examinee arrives, he suggests targeting the woman and child, calling them hindrances.

Wangnan counters by proposing that they target this individual instead.

Bam finally speaks, declaring that they’ll all fail, and prepares to fight.

Tensions escalate as the last examinee aims his weapon at Bam, who retaliates. Except for Wangnan, Bam and the other two men engage in a three-way confrontation.

Wangnan identifies Bam as a wave controller.

Noticing the crest on Bam’s clothes, the woman identifies him as a member of FUG, a criminal organization opposing Jahad.

Backed into a corner, the two men attack Bam together. Despite their efforts, Bam defeats them both.

The Climax: Wangnan Confronts Bam

In the closing scenes of the episode, with only 30 seconds left in the exam, Wangnan suggests avoiding Bam, but Bam catches him.

Wangnan screams, “I’m gonna reach the top of the Tower,” triggering Bam to have flashbacks from his past.

On the last guy’s suggestion, Wangnan throws another bomb at Bam. However, Bam, though injured, covers himself in a red, spine-like shield that heals his injuries.

He then attacks Wangnan, but the timer ends just as Bam is about to strike him.

The episode concludes with all of them passing the test, but Bam moves ahead to the next stage, recalling memories of Khun and Rachel.

Analysis and Implications

This episode sets the stage for significant developments in the narrative.

Bam’s survival and his encounters with new characters like Wangnan hint at complex alliances and rivalries that will shape the journey ahead.

Hwaryun’s revelation about Bam’s potential to become the god of the Tower adds a layer of intrigue, suggesting that Bam’s journey is not just about survival but also about unlocking deeper truths about the Tower and his own destiny.

Princess Yuri’s determination to find Bam and her interactions with her sisters highlight the political tensions within Jahad Palace.

Her belief in Bam’s survival and her willingness to negotiate with Repellista indicate that Bam’s existence and actions have far-reaching implications for the power dynamics within the Tower.

Wangnan’s character introduction provides a fresh perspective on the struggles of Regulars trying to climb the Tower.

His interactions with Bam and his determination to overcome his financial and personal challenges add a human element to the narrative, making his journey relatable and engaging for viewers.

Final Words

Tower of God Season 2 Episode 1, “Last Chance,” successfully continues the story of Bam’s ascent and introduces new characters and challenges that enrich the narrative.

Bam’s resilience, Wangnan’s determination, and Yuri’s quest create a dynamic storyline filled with intrigue, action, and emotional depth.

As the characters navigate the complexities of the Tower, viewers are left eagerly anticipating the next episodes to uncover how their journeys will unfold and intersect.

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