All Wuthering Waves Characters Revealed

Wuthering Waves features several characters that are available for play. Creating a team that best suits your playstyle is the core of this title, which is why knowing the strength and weakness of each fighter, or Resonator, is essential.

Here is a breakdown of the things that you need to know about the characters in Wuthering Waves.

How Do Wuthering Waves Characters Differ?


Each Resonator is affiliated with a specific element. These elements are:

  • Aero
  • Glacio
  • Electro
  • Fusion
  • Havoc
  • Spectro

Using the right character, especially in battle, can be important especially as enemies will react to different elements in different ways.

Using this elemental reaction system to your advantage can certainly turn the tide of battle in your favor.


Resonators use one of five different weapons, with each having their own pros and cons. Different weapons will differ when it comes to range, attack speed, and other factors.

Weapons are ranked from 1 to 5 stars. Higher-level weapons will have a higher attack stat as well as boost specific stats for the bearer.

Weapon types in Wuthering Waves are:

  • Broadblades
  • Swords
  • Pistols
  • Gauntlets
  • Rectifiers

Basic Stats

All characters have basic stats that provide metrics on how they would perform during the game. These stats can be boosted by skills, echos, higher-level weapons, or by leveling up.

Looking at the stats of the characters will give you an idea of the role that they are intended to play in your team.

These basic stats are:

  • HP 
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Max Energy
  • Crit Rate %
  • Crit Damage %


A Resonator can either be a 4-star or 5-star rarity. This does not necessarily mean that a 5-star character is better than a 4-star character, though.

Rather, rarity merely depicts how difficult it is to acquire a character through the gacha system. How effective a Resonator is in battle will depend on how you set them up, not on their rarity.


All characters have different skills that they can use in battle, ranging from their basic attacks to special abilities when they are swapped in or out of the team.

There are also passive skills which give them advantages in the field and are unique to each character.

Most of the more powerful abilities have certain cooldowns or would need meters to be filled up before they can be activated.

All Wuthering Waves Characters

Step into Wuthering Waves and discover 18 unique characters, each with distinct skills and stats.

Explore their backstories, combat styles, and elemental powers on the official Wuthering Waves character list This resource will help you choose the perfect resonators.

Here are all the Wuthering Waves characters, with more soon to come :


Rover is a 5-star rarity character that wields a sword. He (or she) is affiliated with the Spectro element.

Rover is the main character in the game and can either be male or female. This Resonator is best played in the sub DPS role.


Aalto is a 4-star rarity Resonator from the Aero element. He uses Pistols as his weapons in battle.

Aalto is a good sub DPS fighter with good range and decent cooldown speeds. He also has fast movement to put your team in a better position in combat.


A 4-star rarity character, Baizhi uses Rectifiers and is affiliated with the Glacio element.

Baizhi is a good support character that provides healing to the team. He also has some attack capabilities and can also provide buffs.


Calcharo is a 5-star rarity character and is an Electro-based Resonator. His weapon of choice is the Broadblade.

Calcharo is a fine main DPS character in your team. His basic attacks can deal very high levels of damage especially when buffed by support characters.


Chixia uses Pistols in battle and is a 4-star rarity character. She is affiliated with the Fusion element.

Chixia enjoys the ability to attack from long range, with skills that focus on dealing with as much pain as possible within the quickest amount of time.


A Sword-wielder, Danjin is a 4-star rarity character and belongs to the Havoc-element group.

Danjin enjoys high damage, but at the expense of her health. She does make up for it by some healing abilities for herself, so using Danjin must requiring weighing the pros and cons.


Encore is a 5-star rarity character. Her element is Fusion and she uses Rectifiers in battle.

Encore uses friends like Wooly in her attacks. She also provides some good buffs for herself, such as decreasing damage taken.


Jianxin is a 5-star rarity character. She uses Gauntlets in the field and is affiliated to the Aero element.

Jianxin has good crowd-control capabilities and has many diverse skills with varying effects. This makes Jianxin a very versatile addition to your team.


Jiyan is a Broadblade user and is an Aero-affiliated Resonator. He is rated as a 5-star rarity character.

Jiyan has extremely high DPS capabilities, with his skills focused on making his basic attacks, particularly his heavy attacks, stronger. Having someone that can buff his damage can be very helpful.


Lingyang wields Gauntlets and is a 5-star rarity character. He is a Glacio-affiliated character.

This Resonator has powerful mid-air attacks and rely on close-quarter combat. He is capable of chaining together powerful strikes and skills, but would require some skill to use.


Mortefi is a Fusion-affiliated Resonator. In battle, he wields Pistols and is a 4-star rarity character.

Mortefi can attack off-field. He can combine attacks with other members of the team as well as buff Heavy Attacks for even more damage.


Sanhua is a 4-star character that uses Swords in combat. She is affiliated with the Glacio element.

Sanhua’s basic attack scales, and her ice structures do some good Glacio-based area damage. She does well as both a main and sub DPS character in your team.


Taoqi uses a Broadblade and belongs to the Havoc Element group. She is a 4-star rarity character.

Taoqi can serve as a tank due to her ability to create shields. She can also buff herself and her teammates, making her useful as the support component in your party while your DPS characters’ skills cool down.


Verina is a Spectro-based Resonator. She is a 5-star rarity character and uses Rectifier as her weapon.

Verina is one of the best support characters, giving attack bonuses and healing your team. She can also attack marked enemies when off-field as well as revive fallen teammates.


Yangyang is a 4-star rarity Resonator. She wields Swords as her weapons of choice and is affiliated with the Aero element.

A good DPS fighter, Yangyang deals lots of Aero damage and can pull in enemies for group-based attacks.


Yinlin is a Rectifier user. She is a 5-star rarity character and is an Electro element user.

Yinlin is a solid fighter that can do burst damage in a short span of time. Her skills can also mark enemies and provide buffs to her teammates.


Yuanwu is a Gauntlets user. He is an Electro-type Resonator and is ranked as a 4-star character in terms of rarity.

Yuanwu is a decent close-range fighter that can take advantage of defense scaling. He can also participate even when off-field by providing attacks and buffs to other party members.


Wuthering Waves boasts a diverse cast of characters, each with unique elements, weapons, and fighting styles. Whether you prefer fast-paced attackers, strategic defenders, or elemental specialists, there’s a character in Wuthering Waves to suit your playstyle. With new characters being released regularly, the world of Wuthering Waves continues to grow and offer exciting possibilities for team building and strategic mastery.

For more on Wuthering Waves, check out the dedicated site to stay up to date on WuWa characters, weapons, and maps:

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