Are Black Flashes Random

Jujutsu Kaisen: Are Black Flashes Random?

Black Flash in Jujutsu Kaisen is renowned for its power and mystery, prompting the question:

Are black flashes random?

In Short, No, black flashes are not random and no one can use them at will.

In chapter 257 of the JJK manga, where Sukuna and Yuji are fighting, Yuji lands 7 Black Flashes on Sukuna back to back. This makes it seem like maybe Yuji can use Black Flash at will.

This article delves into the mechanics of Black Flash to uncover the truth behind its manifestations.

Explaining Black Flash

Black Flash only happens when cursed energy is used right after a physical hit, within a tiny fraction of a second (around 0.000001 seconds).

It needs a lot of focus, so even top sorcerers like Gojo Satoru can’t do it whenever they want.

Only those with a deep understanding of cursed energy and exceptional fighting prowess can hope to harness the full potential of Black Flash on the battlefield.

List of characters who can use black flash in Jujutsu Kaisen

1. Yuji Itadori

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Yuji Itadori, the protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen, learns to harness Black Flash under the guidance of Aoi Todo.

Yuji currently holds the record for the most Black Flashes. During his fight with Sukuna Yuji was able to land a rush of Seven Black Flashes that completely overpowered Sukuna.

This lets him beat Kento Nanami’s record of four consecutive Black Flash strikes.

Notable instances include his use of Black Flash to defeat the cursed spirit Hanami during the Goodwill Event and his collaboration with Nobara Kugisaki to eliminate Eso and Kechizu in the Death Painting arc.

2. Satoru Gojo:

Image by Gege Akutami

Satoru Gojo, one of the most powerful sorcerers in the series, has demonstrated the use of Black Flash in various battles.

Notable instances include his confrontation with Sukuna during the Shinjuku Showdown Arc, where he unleashed the technique with devastating effect.

3. Kento Nanami:

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Kento Nanami, a former salaryman turned jujutsu sorcerer, has showcased his mastery of Black Flash on multiple occasions.

During the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons, Nanami executed four consecutive Black Flash attacks, demonstrating his skill and precision in combat.

4. Nobara Kugisaki:

Image by Gege Akutami

Nobara Kugisaki, a spirited jujutsu sorcerer, demonstrates her proficiency with Black Flash during the battle against Eso and Kechizu.

Teaming up with Yuji Itadori, Nobara delivers a powerful pair of Black Flashes, contributing to their victory in the Death Painting arc.

5. Aoi Todo:

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Aoi Todo, known for his brash demeanor and formidable strength, showcases his growing mastery of Black Flash during the Shibuya Incident.

Although not as experienced as some of his peers, Todo demonstrates his determination by using Black Flash against the cursed spirit Mahito, striving to match the feats of his closest ally, Yuji Itadori.

6. Mahito:

black flash Mahito
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Mahito, a cursed spirit with the ability to manipulate souls, becomes the first curse to use Black Flash against his opponents.

During the Shibuya Incident, Mahito surprises Yuji Itadori with his mastery of the technique, highlighting the unpredictability of Black Flash in battle.

7. Sukuna:

sukuna using black flash on maki
Image by Gege Akutami

Sukuna, the King of Curses, demonstrates his overwhelming power by utilizing Black Flash during his battle against Satoru Gojo.

Despite being sealed within Yuji Itadori’s body, Sukuna showcases his mastery of cursed energy with this devastating technique.

8. Yuta Okkotsu:

black flash Yuta Okkotsu
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Yuta Okkotsu, a sorcerer with a tragic past, showcases his potential by using Black Flash against Suguru Geto during the events of Jujutsu Kaisen 0.

Despite his struggles with controlling his cursed energy, Yuta demonstrates his innate talent by unleashing Black Flash with precision and power.

Why is Black Flash so strong?

The strength of Black Flash lies in its unique mechanics, which set it apart as a formidable technique within the world of Jujutsu Kaisen.

At its core, Black Flash harnesses the power of cursed energy in a manner that surpasses conventional strikes, making it a potent weapon in the arsenal of skilled sorcerers.

The key to Black Flash’s potency lies in the concept of extreme concentration.

By channeling cursed energy with unparalleled focus and precision, sorcerers are able to amplify the destructive force of their attacks exponentially.

This heightened concentration allows them to tap into the full potential of cursed energy, unleashing devastating blows that far surpass the capabilities of ordinary strikes.

In many ways, the experience of using Black Flash can be likened to being “in the zone” – a state of peak performance often associated with athletes and performers.

Just as athletes achieve their greatest feats when completely immersed in their actions, sorcerers who successfully execute Black Flash are able to tap into a similar level of focus and intensity.

In this state, their connection to cursed energy becomes heightened, allowing them to unleash attacks of unparalleled power and precision on the battlefield.

Can anyone use Black Flash in Jujutsu Kaisen?

There are common misconceptions surrounding the accessibility of Black Flash.

While it’s not exclusive to certain individuals, mastering it demands a high level of skill and understanding of cursed energy.

Even skilled sorcerers may struggle to harness Black Flash, highlighting its rarity and significance in battles.

The Role of Fate

In Jujutsu Kaisen, the theme of fate and destiny looms large, especially concerning the acquisition and utilization of Black Flash.

Some may ponder whether Black Flash is a manifestation of fate, selecting individuals deemed worthy based on their resolve and potential.

This prompts contemplation on the deeper connections between sorcerers, their abilities, and the larger forces at play in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Final Words

Exploring Black Flash in Jujutsu Kaisen reveals a technique of immense power and mystery.

As fans continue to delve into the intricacies of cursed energy, there’s much more to uncover about the secrets of Black Flash and its significance in the series.

Keep exploring Jujutsu Kaisen for new insights and unravel the mysteries of this captivating world.


Can Yuji use black flash at will?

In “Jujutsu Kaisen,” Yuji Itadori can use the Black Flash, but it is not something he can use at will consistently.

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