Chainsaw Man Chapter 170: Release Date and Time

Fans of Chainsaw Man, brace yourselves for an explosive entry as Chapter 170 gears up for release.

The upcoming chapter promises intense confrontations and unexpected alliances, following the shocking developments in the previous chapter.

Scheduled for release on Wednesday, July 3, 2024, at 12 am JST, this chapter has fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly waiting to dive back into the chaotic world of Denji and his comrades.

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what to expect, when to expect it, and where to catch all the action.

Release Date and Time

Chainsaw Man Chapter 170 will drop on Wednesday, July 3, 2024, at 12 am JST, according to the official MANGAPlus website.

For international fans, this means the chapter will be available in their local time zones on Tuesday, July 2, 2024, varying from morning to evening depending on the region.

Here’s the breakdown of release times across various time zones:

TimezoneLocal date and time
Pacific Daylight Time8 am, Tuesday, July 2, 2024
Eastern Daylight Time11 am, Tuesday, July 2, 2024
British Summer Time4 pm, Tuesday, July 2, 2024
Central European Summer Time5 pm, Tuesday, July 2, 2024
Indian Standard Time8:30 pm, Tuesday, July 2, 2024
Philippine Standard Time11 pm, Tuesday, July 2, 2024
Japanese Standard Time12 am, Wednesday, July 3, 2024
Australia Central Standard Time12:30 am, Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Where to Read Chainsaw Man Chapter 170

Fans can access Chapter 170 through various platforms:

  • Viz Media’s official website
  • Shueisha’s MANGA Plus service
  • Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app

The first two platforms offer the latest three chapters for free, while the Shonen Jump+ app requires a subscription but grants full access to the entire series.

Recap of Chainsaw Man Chapter 169

Chapter 169 left readers in a state of shock and anticipation.

It began with Denji and his group at Sushishi, where Denji pondered over his recent experiences with Yoru/Asa.

Despite the chaos, he found a fleeting moment of peace, only to be interrupted by the enigmatic appearance of Barem Bridge.

Denji’s contemplation was cut short when Barem made a sudden and unsettling entrance, promising to take him to Nayuta but under perilous circumstances.

Barem revealed that Public Safety had surrounded the building, intending to eliminate everyone inside once they finished their meal.

The chapter concluded with a tense proposition from Barem: Denji must collaborate with him to save everyone and see Nayuta.

What to Expect from Chainsaw Man Chapter 170

With the fate of Nayuta hanging in the balance, Chapter 170 is poised to be a rollercoaster of emotions and action.

Here’s what fans might anticipate:

Denji’s Dilemma

Denji faces a critical decision: trust Barem and fight against Public Safety or find another way to save Nayuta and his friends.

His choice will undoubtedly lead to intense battles and possibly unforeseen alliances.

Fami’s Machinations

Fami’s ambiguous role in the recent events suggests she might have been orchestrating these incidents for her own mysterious purposes.

Chapter 170 could shed light on her true intentions and how they intersect with Denji and Asa/Yoru’s struggles.

Public Safety’s Ambush

The identity of those surrounding Sushishi remains a mystery.

Likely candidates include Hirofumi Yoshida and Fumiko Mifune, possibly accompanied by Quanxi and Kishibe.

Their presence could bring about epic confrontations and dramatic reveals.

Potential Allies and Enemies

The chapter may also explore the dynamics between Denji’s group and the potential reappearance of characters like Quanxi.

Kishibe’s anticipated return in Part 2 adds another layer of complexity and excitement to the unfolding narrative.

The Road Ahead

As Chainsaw Man Chapter 170 approaches, the excitement and speculation continue to build.

Denji’s journey has been one of constant upheaval, and this chapter promises to be no different.

The stakes are higher than ever, and every decision will carry significant consequences.

Fans are encouraged to keep a close watch on official platforms for the latest updates and to dive into the chapter as soon as it releases.

With so many plot threads converging, Chainsaw Man Chapter 170 is set to be a pivotal moment in the series, offering a blend of heart-pounding action, emotional depth, and the signature unpredictability that has made the series a global phenomenon.

Stay tuned, Chainsaw Man enthusiasts—Chapter 170 is almost here, and it’s going to be a wild ride.

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