Demon Lord, Retry! R announces October premiere with PV

Demon Lord, Retry! R Set for October Premiere with Exciting New Developments

On July 7, 2024, Crunchyroll delighted fans by announcing the release window for the much-anticipated sequel, Demon Lord, Retry! R, set to premiere in October 2024.

Alongside this thrilling news, Crunchyroll also released a captivating promotional video and a key visual to build anticipation.

The series, based on the popular light novel written by Kurone Kanzaki and illustrated by Kouji Ogata, has garnered a dedicated fanbase eagerly awaiting its return.

A Shift in Source Material and Animation Studio

Unlike its predecessor, Demon Lord, Retry! R will draw its inspiration from a web manga series penned by a different author, Amaru Minotake.

The original anime, which first aired during the Summer Anime Season of 2019, was animated by the studio EKACHI EPILKA.

However, the sequel will see a change in animation studios, with Gekkou taking over the reins.

This shift promises a fresh visual approach while maintaining the essence that fans loved in the original series.

Teasing the Journey Ahead: The Promotional Video

The newly released promotional video offers a tantalizing glimpse into the upcoming season.

It begins by focusing on Hakuto, the protagonist, in his original world before his reincarnation.

Sitting at his computer, Hakuto’s ordinary life is abruptly interrupted by a dramatic explosion, marking his transition to the other world.

The video then transitions to the fantasy realm, showcasing various scenes from the sequel where Hakuto navigates and explores this new world.

Fans are reintroduced to beloved characters Aku and Luna, alongside some intriguing new faces.

The video concludes with a mysterious purple-haired character, sparking curiosity and speculation among viewers.

Voice Cast Changes and New Additions

The sequel brings with it some changes to the voice cast, promising fresh interpretations of the beloved characters.

Kenjiro Tsuda, known for his role as Nanami in Jujutsu Kaisen, will voice the main protagonist Hakuto Kunai.

Momo Asakura, who voiced Ayumi in Charlotte, will take on the role of Aku, while Aina Suzuki, known for her role as Jashin in Jashin’s Dropkick, will voice Luna.

Other characters will also see new voice actors.

Zero Kirisame will be voiced by Kentarou Kumagai, famous for his role as Laois in Delicious in Dungeon.

Mirai Tachibana will voice Organ, and Wataru Kamada, known for his role as Hiroshi in The Fruits Basket Remake, will lend his voice to Isami Tahara.

Minori Suzuki will voice the heteromorph woman, Mink.

Continuing the Adventure: Plot Overview

Demon Lord, Retry! R announces October premiere with PV
Image via Gekkou

Demon Lord, Retry! R continues the enthralling isekai adventure of Hakuto in the fantasy world where he was transported.

After successfully clearing the dungeon and defeating the monstrous inhabitants, Hakuto and his group embark on a new journey towards Hellion Territory, a foreboding region inhabited by Grand Devils.

The group’s dynamic evolves with the addition of Akane Fujisaki, a character whose optimistic demeanor sometimes irritates her companions.

This growing ensemble promises new interactions and challenges, keeping viewers engaged as they navigate this fantastical world.

Anticipation and Speculation

The announcement of Demon Lord, Retry! R has sparked excitement and speculation among fans.

The shift to a new source material and animation studio brings an air of unpredictability, with viewers eager to see how these changes will influence the story and visual style.

The promotional video has already ignited discussions about the new characters and potential plot twists, heightening anticipation for the October premiere.

Fans of the series are particularly interested in how the new voice cast will bring their favorite characters to life, and whether the change in animation studio will enhance the visual storytelling.

The mystery surrounding the purple-haired character featured in the promotional video adds an element of intrigue, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further revelations.

Final Words

As the premiere of Demon Lord, Retry! R approaches, the excitement continues to build.

With a new source material, a fresh animation studio, and a mix of returning and new voice actors, the sequel promises to deliver an engaging continuation of Hakuto’s adventures.

Fans can look forward to an October filled with fantasy, action, and the exploration of new territories in the captivating world of Demon Lord, Retry! R.

Stay tuned to Crunchyroll for the latest updates and prepare for an exhilarating journey alongside Hakuto and his growing band of companions.

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