Is the author of Solo Leveling ok?

Regrettably, Dubu, the beloved artist of the Solo Leveling webcomic, passed away in July 2022.

Concerns about the author’s well-being naturally emerge. However, a team has stepped up to produce a Solo Leveling side story in his honor, offering a tribute to Dubu’s legacy.

In the vast realm of webcomics, few have achieved the acclaim and popularity that Solo Leveling has garnered.

Central to its visual allure was the talent of Dubu, the artist who brought the narrative to life with his captivating illustrations.

However, the Solo Leveling community was recently struck by a somber note – Dubu, also known as Jang Sung-Rak, passed away in July 2022.

This untimely loss left fans mourning and curious about the fate of the beloved webcomic.

In a heartwarming gesture, a team announced the production of a Solo Leveling side story, dedicated to preserving Dubu’s artistic legacy.

Dubu’s Dual Role

Jang Sung-Rak, affectionately known as Dubu, played a dual role in the creation of Solo Leveling.

Not only was he the creative force behind the webcomic’s stunning visuals, but he also held the position of CEO at REDICE Studio.

His artistic journey with Solo Leveling spanned from March 2018 to December 2021 when tragedy struck.

REDICE Studio announced Dubu’s passing due to a cerebral hemorrhage resulting from a chronic illness, marking the end of an era for the Solo Leveling community.

Solo Leveling: A Journey through the Webcomic

Solo Leveling, derived from Chugong’s immensely popular webnovel, is a narrative that revolves around Sung Jinwoo, the world’s weakest hunter.

Jinwoo, facing the mysterious disappearance of his father, embarks on a perilous journey as a Hunter to provide for his family.

The storyline takes a fascinating turn when Jinwoo discovers a hidden, far more dangerous dungeon during a D-Rank raid. Surviving this encounter leads to Jinwoo being chosen by the System as a Player, granting him limitless potential for growth.

From the weakest to the strongest hunter, Jinwoo’s quest becomes a riveting saga against the looming threat of monsters set on destroying the world.

Dubu’s Anticipation for the Anime Adaptation

Excitement rippled through the Solo Leveling community when A-1 Pictures announced the anime adaptation of the series.

Directed by Shunsuke Nakashige, with Noboru Kimura as the scriptwriter and Hiroyuki Sawano composing, the anime promised to breathe new life into Chugong and Dubu’s creation.

Dubu himself expressed his elation, emphasizing the profound impact of fan support on the realization of this anime dream.

His gratitude and excitement echoed the sentiment that Solo Leveling was not just a webcomic but a shared journey with a community of devoted readers.

The Conclusion of Solo Leveling Webcomic

As the webcomic reached its culmination with 179 chapters on December 29, 2021, Dubu bid farewell to his creation.

In a poignant conclusion, he extended his gratitude to his assistants, Chugong, and the readers who had embarked on this epic adventure.

His words, “Life is an endless quest, where you must level up constantly: sometimes alone, sometimes with company,” resonated deeply with fans, encapsulating the essence of the Solo Leveling experience.

Little did readers know that this farewell would become even more poignant in the wake of Dubu’s passing.

The Legacy Continues: Solo Leveling Side Story

Despite the mourning, there is a silver lining for the Solo Leveling community. In honor of Dubu’s artistic brilliance, a team has come forward to produce a Solo Leveling side story.

This continuation promises not only to preserve the legacy of Solo Leveling but also to pay tribute to Dubu’s contribution to the series.

The announcement has sparked anticipation and curiosity within the community, eager to see how the narrative will evolve under the guidance of the new creative team.

Reflecting on Dubu’s Impact

Dubu’s impact on Solo Leveling extends beyond the realm of visuals; it permeates the very soul of the narrative.

The success of Solo Leveling, both as a webnovel and a webcomic, can be attributed in no small part to Dubu’s artistic brilliance.

Fan testimonials and expressions of grief flooded social media platforms, highlighting the profound connection readers felt with Dubu’s work.

Solo Leveling stands as a testament to the collaborative synergy between writer and artist, creating an immersive experience for fans worldwide.


As we navigate the pages of Solo Leveling, we find ourselves on a journey that transcends the boundaries of fiction.

Dubu’s artistic legacy, though marred by his untimely departure, continues to thrive through the Solo Leveling side story.

In paying tribute to the artist who breathed life into the series, the community stands united in grief, celebration, and anticipation for the next chapter of Solo Leveling’s enduring saga.

The legacy of Dubu lives on, not just in the ink on the pages but in the hearts of readers who have been touched by the magic of his artistry.


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