Oshi no Ko Chapter 153: Release Date, Time, and What to Expect

The much-anticipated “Oshi no Ko” chapter 153 is set to be released on Thursday, June 27, 2024, at 12 am JST.

This chapter marks a significant milestone as the series is about to enter its final arc, creating heightened excitement among fans.

The manga series, published on Shueisha’s MANGA Plus, will be taking a brief one-week break before launching into this new narrative phase.

Recap of Chapter 152: A Climax of Emotions

In the previous chapter, titled “Interview,” the ’15-Year Lie’ movie had an early screening for those involved in its creation.

Despite initial criticisms regarding some performances, the film concluded on a powerful note, leaving many viewers deeply moved.

Aqua Hoshino, a central character, faced an unexpected twist when the interviewer turned out to be his father, Hikaru Kamiki.

This interaction set the stage for intense developments in the upcoming chapters.

Release Schedule and Timings for Chapter 153

According to Shueisha’s MANGA Plus, “Oshi no Ko” will be on a brief hiatus, delaying the release of chapter 153 by a week.

The chapter will be available on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, in most countries worldwide.

Due to the manga’s simulrelease schedule, it will officially be released on Thursday, June 27, 2024, at 12 am JST in Japan, followed by a few other countries in the East.

Worldwide Release Timings:

Time ZoneRelease TimeRelease DayRelease Date
Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)8 amWednesdayJune 26, 2024
Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)11 amWednesdayJune 26, 2024
British Summer Time (BST)4 pmWednesdayJune 26, 2024
Central European Summer Time (CEST)5 pmWednesdayJune 26, 2024
Indian Standard Time (IST)8:30 pmWednesdayJune 26, 2024
Philippine Standard Time (PST)11 pmWednesdayJune 26, 2024
Japanese Standard Time (JST)12 amThursdayJune 27, 2024
Australia Central Standard Time (ACST)12:30 amThursdayJune 27, 2024

Where to Read “Oshi no Ko” Chapter 153

“Oshi no Ko” chapter 153 will be accessible on Shueisha’s MANGA Plus platform.

The website allows fans to read the first three and the latest three chapters for free.

For comprehensive access, the MANGA Plus mobile application provides all chapters, but only the first three and the latest three chapters can be read repeatedly without a premium membership.

Insights from Chapter 152

Image via Shueisha

In chapter 152, the emotional resonance of the ’15-Year Lie’ movie was palpable, with many viewers shedding tears by the film’s end.

Ruby, initially criticized for her poor acting, redeemed herself during the climax, significantly impacting the movie’s reception.

Taishi Gotanda and Kaburagi Masaya reflected on their roles in revealing the truth behind Ai’s death through the film.

The chapter also highlighted a crucial moment where Aqua met his father, Hikaru Kamiki.

Aqua’s declaration that revenge was the only path forward for him and Ruby added a layer of intensity to the narrative.

What to Expect in Chapter 153

As the final arc of the series, “Toward the Stars and Dreams,” begins, chapter 153 is expected to be pivotal.

The chapter will likely focus on the theatrical release of the ’15-Year Lie’ movie and the ensuing backlash against Hikaru Kamiki.

Given the significance of this arc, the narrative might also shift to Kana Arima’s graduation performance, which she had invited Aqua to attend, hoping to captivate him with her talent.

Key Plot Points to Anticipate:

  1. Theatrical Release of ’15-Year Lie’: The movie’s public reception and the critical response it garners will be central to the plot.
  2. Backlash Against Hikaru Kamiki: Following the movie’s release, Hikaru Kamiki may face significant backlash, which could drive the story’s conflict forward.
  3. Kana Arima’s Graduation Performance: This subplot could provide a poignant counterpoint to the main narrative, highlighting personal growth and emotional connections.

Themes and Character Dynamics

The final arc promises to delve deeply into the themes of revenge, redemption, and the pursuit of dreams.

Aqua and Ruby’s journey towards avenging their mother’s death will likely intersect with their personal growth and professional ambitions.

Aqua Hoshino: Aqua’s complex relationship with his father and his quest for revenge will be crucial. His emotional and psychological struggles will add depth to his character.

Ruby Hoshino: Ruby’s development as an actress and her determination to uncover the truth about Ai’s death will be significant. Her dynamic with Aqua will continue to evolve, revealing new facets of her character.

Kana Arima: Kana’s graduation performance symbolizes her growth and aspirations. Her relationship with Aqua may add a romantic element to the story, providing emotional relief amidst the darker themes.

Visual and Artistic Expectations

The artwork in “Oshi no Ko” has consistently been a highlight, capturing the characters’ emotions and the dramatic tension of the narrative.

Fans can expect detailed and expressive illustrations in chapter 153, especially during critical scenes such as the movie’s premiere and Kana’s performance.

Fan Reactions and Speculations

The announcement of the final arc has generated a mix of excitement and melancholy among fans.

Speculations about the series’ conclusion are rife, with many wondering how the intertwined fates of Aqua, Ruby, and Hikaru will be resolved.

The upcoming chapters are expected to provide answers while maintaining the suspense and emotional intensity that have characterized the series.

Final Words

“Oshi no Ko” chapter 153 is set to be a monumental installment in the series, kicking off the final arc with high stakes and emotional depth.

As the story hurtles towards its conclusion, fans can look forward to a blend of dramatic revelations, character development, and artistic excellence.

Mark your calendars for June 27, 2024, and get ready for a chapter that promises to be both captivating and heart-wrenching.

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