Sakamoto Days Chapter 169: Release Date, Plot Expectations, and Where to Read

Fans of Yuto Suzuki’s Sakamoto Days can look forward to Chapter 169, set to be released on Monday, June 10, 2024, at 12 am JST.

For readers across the globe, the manga will be available at different times based on time zones:

Time ZoneRelease DayRelease DateRelease Time
Pacific Daylight TimeSundayJune 9, 20248 am
Central Daylight TimeSundayJune 9, 202410 am
Eastern Daylight TimeSundayJune 9, 202411 am
British Summer TimeSundayJune 9, 20244 pm
Central European Summer TimeSundayJune 9, 20245 pm
India Standard TimeSundayJune 9, 20248:30 pm
Philippine TimeSundayJune 9, 202411 pm
Japan Standard TimeMondayJune 10, 202412 am
Australian Central Standard TimeMondayJune 10, 202412:30 am

Readers can access the latest chapter through Viz Media’s official website, Shueisha’s MANGAPlus service, or the Shonen Jump+ app.

Recap of Chapter 168

Image via Yuto Suzuki/Shueisha

In the preceding chapter, Sakamoto faced a series of harrowing events.

Sakamoto, despite his injuries, attempted to carry an unconscious and severely injured Nagumo.

Shin arrived just in time, dragging both Sakamoto and Nagumo to safety.

Amidst this chaos, Amane was being pursued by Osaragi but was saved by the timely appearance of Seba.

A week later, Sakamoto regained consciousness thanks to the care provided by Granny Miya, along with Shin, Wutang, and Lu.

Nagumo had also recovered, and the group learned that the JAA had classified them, along with Uzuki, as Special Class-A Extermination Targets.

Through a discussion with Wutang, it was revealed that Uzuki, under the stress-induced Takamura personality, was responsible for Takamura’s death.

This explanation highlighted the internal struggle Uzuki faced, making Takamura’s demise a tragic consequence of his fractured psyche.

Meanwhile, Shishiba, Osaragi, and Kamihate encountered Oki, a peculiar new member of the Order.

Oki expressed his discontent with the current state of the JAA, including the deaths and resignations of Order members.

He hinted at a grim determination to rectify the situation, starting with hunting down Sakamoto, Nagumo, and Uzuki.

What to Expect in Chapter 169

The upcoming chapter is poised to delve deeper into the new challenges Sakamoto will face. Here are some speculative plot points and character arcs to look forward to:

The New Order Member: Oki

Oki’s introduction adds a new layer of intrigue to the storyline.

His meticulous and nitpicky nature, combined with his willingness to shoulder responsibility, suggests he will be a formidable adversary.

Oki’s threat to hunt down Sakamoto, Nagumo, and Uzuki sets the stage for intense confrontations.

Readers can expect to see his skills and abilities showcased in the upcoming chapters, potentially revealing why he holds such a high rank within the Order.

Uzuki’s Struggle

Uzuki’s internal conflict, particularly his Takamura personality, is a focal point of the narrative.

Wutang’s belief that the worst-case scenario is Uzuki fully adopting Takamura’s persona adds a sense of urgency.

The readers are likely to witness Uzuki grappling with his fractured identity, which could lead to significant developments in his character arc.

Sakamoto’s Next Moves

With the JAA’s hunt intensifying and new threats emerging, Sakamoto must strategize his next moves carefully.

His interactions with Oki and the other Order members will be crucial.

The chapter may explore Sakamoto’s efforts to protect his allies while preparing for the inevitable showdown with Oki.

Where to Read Sakamoto Days Chapter 169

To keep up with Sakamoto’s adventures, fans can read the latest chapter on the following platforms:

Final Words

Sakamoto Days Chapter 169 is set to bring new challenges and revelations.

With Oki’s ominous arrival and Uzuki’s internal struggle, the narrative promises to maintain its gripping and action-packed pace.

Mark your calendars and make sure to catch the latest developments in this thrilling manga series.

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