Kagurabachi Chapter 36: Release Date, Reading Platforms, Expectations, and More

The much-anticipated Kagurabachi Chapter 36 is set to be released on Monday, June 10, 2024, at 12 am JST in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #28, according to the official MANGA Plus site.

However, international fans can access the chapter digitally a day earlier on June 9, 2024.

This upcoming chapter promises to deliver more intense moments and critical plot developments following the revelations and dramatic turns of the previous installment.

Release Date and Time for Kagurabachi Chapter 36

Kagurabachi Chapter 36 will be officially available on June 10, 2024, at 12 am JST.

Due to time zone differences, international readers can enjoy the chapter earlier on June 9, 2024. Below is the release schedule for various time zones:

Time ZoneDateTime
Pacific Daylight TimeSunday, June 98:00 AM
Eastern Daylight TimeSunday, June 911:00 AM
Greenwich Mean TimeSunday, June 93:00 PM
Central European TimeSunday, June 94:00 PM
Indian Standard TimeSunday, June 98:30 PM
Philippine Standard TimeSunday, June 911:00 PM
Japanese Standard TimeMonday, June 1012:00 AM
Australian Central TimeMonday, June 1012:30 AM

These timings ensure that fans across the globe can stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the series simultaneously.

Where to Read Kagurabachi Chapter 36

Fans of Takeru Hokazono’s Kagurabachi can read Chapter 36 on various Shueisha-affiliated platforms, including the MANGA Plus site, the MANGA Plus app, the Shonen Jump+ app, and the official VIZ Media website.

It’s important to note that while the first and the latest three chapters are available for free, accessing all chapters might require a subscription, especially on platforms like the Shonen Jump+ app and MANGA Plus.

Recap of Kagurabachi Chapter 35

Chapter 35 of Kagurabachi, titled “Cage,” took readers through a poignant flashback from August of the current year, focusing on the 108th Rakuzaichi auction’s preparations.

The chapter revealed Hakuri Sazanami’s responsibility for the well-being of a merchandise girl with icy skin, who was destined to be moved to the auction’s vault.

Throughout their interactions, Hakuri and the girl developed a bond.

She confided in him her struggles and isolation, paralleling his own traumatic experiences, particularly with his elder brother, Soya Sazanami.

The chapter’s climax was emotionally charged, depicting the girl’s tragic suicide and Hakuri’s subsequent trauma.

Returning to the present, the narrative showcased Hakuri’s battle against Soya.

Despite being battered and on the ground, Hakuri’s latent potential began to surface, hinting at a significant power awakening.

The chapter concluded with a flashback plier, previously used by Soya to torture Hakuri, hitting him on the back, triggering a surge of spirit energy from Hakuri’s left eye.

What to Expect in Kagurabachi Chapter 36

Image via Takeru Hokazono/Shueisha

As Kagurabachi Chapter 36 approaches, fans can anticipate several pivotal developments.

The ending of Chapter 35 suggested that Hakuri might finally tap into his true potential.

There is speculation that Hakuri possesses a dormant sub-space ability, which he may learn to control similarly to his father, Kyora Sazanami.

This potential ability could play a crucial role in his ongoing battle with Soya.

Moreover, Chapter 36 might also shift its focus back to Chihiro and Shiba’s confrontation with Tenri, offering a broader view of the unfolding conflicts and character arcs.

The dynamics between these characters and the unfolding battles are likely to add layers of complexity and excitement to the storyline.

Final Words

Kagurabachi Chapter 36 is poised to be a significant installment, building on the emotional depth and action-packed sequences of its predecessors.

With the official release scheduled for June 10, 2024, and digital access available a day earlier for international readers, fans are eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

Whether it’s through the MANGA Plus site, app, Shonen Jump+ app, or VIZ Media, accessing the latest adventures of Hakuri Sazanami and his companions has never been easier.

Stay tuned for the upcoming chapter, as it promises to unravel more about Hakuri’s abilities and the broader conflicts within the Kagurabachi universe.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer, Chapter 36 is sure to be a thrilling continuation of the series.

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