Sakamoto Days Chapter 172: Release Date, Where To Read, What To Expect And More

Uzuki’s unexpected return has complicated matters for Sakamoto, who now faces an even more daunting task.

Discover what happens next in Sakamoto Days Chapter 172, including the release date, where to read, and what fans can expect from the upcoming chapter.

Release Date and Where to Read

Release Date

Sakamoto Days Chapter 172 is scheduled for release in Japan on Monday, July 1, 2024, at 12 am JST.

For international readers, the chapter will be available on Sunday, June 30, 2024.

The exact time of availability may vary depending on your time zone.

Where to Read

Fans looking to read Sakamoto Days Chapter 172 can find it on Shueisha’s official platforms.

The chapter will be available online through:

  • Viz Media’s official website
  • MANGAPlus website and app
  • Shonen Jump+ app

These platforms offer timely updates and official translations, ensuring readers can enjoy the latest developments as soon as they are released.

Expected Plot of Sakamoto Days Chapter 172

Image by Yuto Suzuki

Sakamoto Days Chapter 172 is expected to delve deeper into Sakamoto and Shin’s analysis of Uzuki’s recent actions and his future plans.

Here are some key points fans can anticipate in the upcoming chapter:

Sakamoto’s Plan

Sakamoto is likely to outline his strategy for achieving his ambitious goals of transforming their local shop into a national chain and taking over the JAA.

This chapter may reveal more about the steps he intends to take and the challenges he expects to face.

Slur and His Gang

Meanwhile, Slur and his gang are expected to engage in fierce battles against various assassins.

There might also be encounters with members of the Order, adding more intensity to the storyline.

New Revelations

Chapter 172 might also provide more information about other key characters such as Oki, Tanabata, or Torres.

These revelations could offer new insights into their roles and motivations, further enriching the narrative.

Recap of Sakamoto Days Chapter 171

To better understand what might happen in Chapter 172, let’s recap the events of Sakamoto Days Chapter 171, titled “Belonging.

Sakamoto’s Dilemma

The chapter begins with Sakamoto gazing thoughtfully at his family’s shop, pondering whether his presence there still ensures his family’s safety.

Nagumo suggests that for Sakamoto to survive, he must either kill Uzuki or dismantle the JAA.

The Attack

Distraught, Sakamoto takes a walk and is attacked by two men who attempt to kill him.

He swiftly defeats them, expressing his desire for a peaceful life and lamenting that the chaos started because Akao placed a bounty on his head.

Conversation with Aoi

Determined to talk to his wife, Aoi, Sakamoto heads to the shop but hides behind a shelf, unsure of how to approach her.

Another man spots Sakamoto, but he is quickly subdued.

Overhearing Aoi, Sakamoto mistakenly believes she might be contemplating divorce.

The Truth

Listening further, he realizes Aoi is worried about the store’s future due to a lack of customers, driven away by the influx of assassins, and increased competition from new stores.

Sakamoto bursts out and talks to her. She explains her desire to keep the store open despite the challenges, as it holds sentimental value and represents their hard work.


A flashback reveals Aoi and Sakamoto exploring the rundown place that would become their shop, with Aoi suggesting they transform it into a store.

Back in the present, Sakamoto is resolute about not losing the shop.

Sakamoto’s Ambitious Plan

He regroups with Shin and others, using the store’s computer to gather information about the JAA’s branches.

Sakamoto boldly declares his plan to take over the JAA and turn their local shop into a national chain.

Shin and Heisuke express doubts about this ambitious idea.

News Broadcast

Before Sakamoto can elaborate, a news broadcast reports a terrorist attack on a JAA-owned weapons factory, attributing it to Uzuki and his cronies, who seem to be gearing up for a significant battle.

The chapter concludes with Uzuki and his followers near a burning building.

Final Words

Sakamoto Days Chapter 172 is set to bring more excitement and tension to the series.

With Uzuki’s unexpected return and the unfolding plans of both Sakamoto and his adversaries, fans are in for a thrilling ride.

Make sure to catch the latest chapter on the official platforms and stay tuned for more updates as the story progresses.

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