Every Major New Character Solo Leveling Season 2 Could Introduce

Due to the highly positive reception from fans, Solo Leveling season 2 was promptly announced by Crunchyroll and A-1 Pictures after the conclusion of season 1.

In the first season, A-1 Pictures successfully adapted 45 chapters of the Solo Leveling manhwa, introducing fans to several captivating and memorable characters.

Although an exact episode count for the upcoming season has not been revealed, it is expected that season 2 will likely consist of 12 episodes, similar to season 1.

Assuming the pacing remains consistent, season 2 would adapt the manhwa up to around chapter 90.

With that in mind, let’s delve into the major new characters that Solo Leveling season 2 is set to introduce.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Solo Leveling manhwa. Reader discretion is advised.

1) Sung Il-Hwan

Sung Il-Hwan
Image Via A-1 Pictures

Sung Il-Hwan, one of South Korea’s first S-Rank Hunters and Sung Jin-Woo’s father, made his debut in chapter 56 of the manhwa.

Trapped inside a dungeon for about a decade, his return is a significant moment in the series.

Sung Il-Hwan’s role is pivotal, especially during the Monarchs War arc where he finally reconnects with his son.

This reunion is not only emotional but also deepens the storyline by exploring Jin-Woo’s family background and adding layers to his character.

2) Thomas Andre

Image Via A-1 Pictures

Debuting in chapter 83, Thomas Andre is introduced as the strongest Nation-Level Hunter in the world.

Fans are particularly excited about his appearance due to his popularity and complex character.

Initially portrayed as arrogant and brash, Thomas undergoes substantial character development after his intense battle with Jin-Woo.

This transformation from an overconfident powerhouse to a more nuanced and respected figure is a highlight that fans eagerly await.

3) Iron (Kim Chul)

Image Via A-1 Pictures

While the Korean A-Rank Hunter Kim Chul appeared in season 1, his transformation into Iron, one of Jin-Woo’s most loyal shadow soldiers, is a highly anticipated event in season 2.

His role becomes crucial in the Red Gate arc, which will be the first arc covered in the new season.

Iron’s loyalty and dedication to Jin-Woo resonate with fans, showcasing the unique dynamic between a hunter and his shadow soldiers.

This evolution adds an extra layer of depth and excitement to the narrative.

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4) Goto Ryuji

Image Via A-1 Pictures

Goto Ryuji, Japan’s strongest Hunter, officially debuts in chapter 85.

If season 2 adapts the manhwa up to chapter 90, fans can expect to see Goto towards the end of the season.

His encounters with Jin-Woo and the Ant King during the Jeju Island arc are among his most memorable moments.

These confrontations, although not ending in his favor, are crucial in highlighting the intense international rivalries and alliances within the hunter community.

5) Esil Radiru

Image Via A-1 Pictures

Introduced in the Return to Demon Castle arc, Esil Radiru is a demon noble and princess of the Radiru clan.

She becomes an ally to Jin-Woo in his battle against the Demon King Baran.

Although her appearances in the main story are limited, Esil quickly became a fan favorite due to her chemistry with Jin-Woo.

Her debut in season 2 is highly anticipated, adding a fresh dynamic to the story with her unique background and character.

6) Baran

Image Via A-1 Pictures

Baran, the Demon King, also appears in the Return to Demon Castle arc.

As the Final Boss of the Demon Castle, he poses a significant challenge to Jin-Woo.

Baran’s backstory as the Monarch of White Flames, who was defeated by Ashborn, the original Shadow Monarch, adds depth to the lore.

His intense battle with Jin-Woo is a highly anticipated event that will further enrich the series’ narrative.

7) Baruka

Image Via A-1 Pictures

Baruka, the main antagonist of the Red Gate arc and the Final Boss of the Red Gate Dungeon, is another highly anticipated character.

As the leader of the ice elves, his power is formidable, even acknowledged by Jin-Woo.

Despite facing a 3-on-1 disadvantage, Baruka’s resilience and strength left a lasting impression on readers.

His debut in season 2 promises to be a thrilling addition, emphasizing the escalating challenges Jin-Woo faces.

8) Son Ki-Hoon

Image Via A-1 Pictures

Son Ki-Hoon, introduced in chapter 68, is an A-Rank Hunter and the leader of the Hunter Guild’s second strike squad.

His kind and amicable personality quickly made him a fan favorite.

Ki-Hoon’s character brings a sense of camaraderie and teamwork to the series.

His interactions with other characters highlight the importance of alliances and support in the perilous world of hunters.

Final Thoughts

While the official episode count for season 2 has not been confirmed, it is likely to consist of 12 episodes, adapting the manhwa up to the Jeju Island arc.

With numerous exciting story arcs and character introductions on the horizon, Solo Leveling season 2 is poised to surpass its predecessor.

The introduction of new characters like Sung Il-Hwan, Thomas Andre, Iron, Goto Ryuji, Esil Radiru, Baran, Baruka, and Son Ki-Hoon will undoubtedly add depth and excitement to the series.

Their unique abilities, backgrounds, and interactions with Jin-Woo promise to deliver thrilling battles, emotional moments, and an engaging storyline.

As fans eagerly await the return of Sung Jin-Woo and the introduction of these major new characters, Solo Leveling season 2 is set to offer an unforgettable anime experience.

The expansion of the world, the deepening of the lore, and the evolution of characters ensure that the upcoming season will captivate both new viewers and long-time fans alike.

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