Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Season 2 Finale: Makoto Returns to the Demiplane as Luto Confronts Sofia

The highly anticipated finale of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Season 2, titled “Celebration Under The Moon,” aired on Monday, June 24, 2024, at 11 pm JST.

This thrilling episode, which marks the 25th of the season, brings numerous story arcs to a close while setting the stage for future conflicts.

In the finale, Makoto Misumi returns to the Demiplane, reunites with his followers, and celebrates their hard-won victories.

Meanwhile, the demons, licking their wounds from recent defeats, are already plotting their next moves.

The Return to Subspace

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The episode opens with Makoto and Shiki’s return to the Subspace after fulfilling the goddess’ requests.

Their arrival is met with jubilation from Tomoe, Mio, and the other inhabitants.

Makoto listens intently to the battle report from Kaleneon, where it is revealed that the losses were minimal and the territory successfully reclaimed.

Tomoe explains that Mio faced the most formidable opponent, but out of sheer boredom, she created a chasm to serve as a border for the reclaimed area.

Mio proudly shows Makoto a tiny lizard, which turns out to be the former demon army general, Left.

She recounts how she consumed him and his weapons, stopping only when he was reduced to his current diminutive form.

This scene highlights the casual brutality and unique dynamics among Makoto’s followers.

Tomoe inquires about the goddess’ requests, and Makoto confirms that he completed them smoothly, even defeating the dragon slayer Sofia Bulga.

Shiki, who assisted in the mission, managed to take down Lancer and enabled Makoto to speak common language.

This leads to a moment of jealousy from Tomoe and Mio, who feel that Shiki is receiving undue attention, and they drag him away in a playful yet slightly possessive manner.

Makoto then dismisses the meeting, instructing everyone to prepare for a celebration party, signaling a brief respite before the inevitable next conflict.

Back in Rotsgard

Lime informs Makoto that the Academy headmaster has summoned him, prompting Makoto’s return to Rotsgard.

On his way, he encounters two mutants, whom Mondo and Lime promptly eliminate.

Makoto decides to deal with the demihuman collaborators of the demons at a later time, prioritizing his current tasks.

Upon returning to the city, Makoto meets with Sairitsu, who promises to visit him later.

Shiki sends a letter to Hibiki, and Makoto expresses his gratitude to Tomoe for bringing the four seasons to the Subspace.

He reunites with his students, helping them clean rubble and advising them on handling various situations.

He informs them that Shifu and Yuno are assisting Mr. Rembrandt at the Merchant Guild, though the narrative shifts to Mr. Rembrandt refusing their help, suggesting they rest instead.

Makoto emphasizes to his students that rebuilding the city takes precedence, putting lessons on hold.

They find his decision to decline a permanent teaching position odd, but it underscores his commitment to the larger mission.

Interactions and Revelations

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Makoto’s interactions continue as he meets Estella, who introduces him to the brothel’s boss, Zara, the Merchant Guild leader.

Zara thanks Makoto for saving the women and praises his abilities, even offering him free brothel entry, which leaves Makoto flustered.

Next, Makoto encounters Limia’s Prince Joshua, who reveals the secret that she is actually a woman, a fact Makoto accidentally discovered earlier.

Makoto promises to keep her secret safe without expecting anything in return, showcasing his integrity.

Finally, Makoto discusses his battle with Sofia with Luto, revealing that she is still alive. He promises to claim his reward once Luto finishes her off, setting the stage for further confrontations.

Luto’s Confrontation with Sofia

The episode then shifts to an injured Sofia, who is plotting against Makoto.

Her scheming is interrupted by Luto, who easily nullifies her attacks.

He reveals the origins of Sofia and Lancer before defeating her by mimicking Makoto’s Mana Matter technique.

Luto extracts the greater dragons’ powers from Sofia, noting the significance of her katana in Lancer’s downfall.

After Sofia passes out, Luto reverts the greater dragons to eggs, planning to have them raised by caretakers.

This development adds another layer to the intricate power dynamics within the series.

Future Plans and Celebrations

Meanwhile, in Limia, Hibiki and her party seek the king’s permission to go to Laurel to return Chiya to her homeland as Shiki requested.

Concurrently, Gritonia’s hero Tomoki, enraged by his defeat, vows to conquer everything he desires, setting up a potential future antagonist.

In the concluding scenes, Io and Rona observe the ruins of Fort Stellar, lamenting the heavy losses they have incurred.

With Fort Stellar and Kaleneon lost, they plot their next assault and consider arranging a meeting between Makoto and the Demon King.

Back in the Demiplane, Makoto and the demizens celebrate their victory with a grand festivity.

After the celebrations, Makoto spends time with Mio, Tomoe, and Shiki.

A humorous misunderstanding arises from Mio’s request, adding a lighthearted moment to the otherwise intense episode.

The season finale concludes with Makoto expressing his deep gratitude to his three loyal followers for their unwavering support.

In a heartfelt gesture, he gifts them his family name, Misumi, solidifying their bond and setting the stage for future adventures.

Final Words

The finale of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Season 2 masterfully balances action, character development, and plot progression.

Makoto’s return to the Demiplane and his subsequent interactions underscore the complexities of his relationships and the intricate political landscape of the series.

The confrontations with Sofia and the demons’ ongoing schemes hint at the challenges that lie ahead.

As the demizens celebrate their hard-won victories, the looming threat of the demons’ next move promises an exciting continuation of the story in future seasons.

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