Viral Hit Episode 9: Unveiling Gaeul and Bomi’s Struggles

Viral Hit episode 9 brings a much-anticipated resolution to the lingering question of whether Hobin and Bomi will reconcile after his humiliation and subsequent ghosting of Bomi.

This episode delves deep into the lives of Gaeul and Bomi, highlighting the issues they face, and expanding the series’ scope beyond Hobin’s fights and his Newtubu channel.

The episode is filled with callbacks and introduces new opponents, shifting the focus away from the usual school bullies and former MMA fighters.

Bomi’s Harassment and Its Implications

Unwanted Advances:

Bomi’s storyline in episode 9 centers on her struggles with unwanted advances at her workplace.

Since Hobin ghosted her, she has been relentlessly pursued by Mangi Hwang, a massive Korean Ssireum wrestler.

Despite her repeated rejections, Hwang continues to harass her, making her job a daily ordeal.

This depiction of workplace harassment is both creepy and intimidating, resonating with many viewers who might have faced similar situations.

Escalation and Danger:

The harassment escalates when Hwang, having seen Hobin’s fight with Taehun in the previous episode, decides to challenge Hobin.

His intention is to boost his subscribers and views, with an underlying threat of forcing a relationship with Bomi if he wins.

Hwang’s physical prowess, demonstrated by his ability to lift large slabs of meat with ease, poses a significant threat to Hobin, adding tension to the episode.

Gaeul’s Bullies and Her Resilience

The Comedy Crew:

Gaeul’s storyline introduces a new group of antagonists called The Comedy Crew.

This group of first-year students specializes in prank videos for their Newtube channel, but their actions border on bullying.

They ridicule Gaeul for her mannerisms and lift her off the ground, showcasing their physical dominance.

Snapper and Hobin’s Intervention:

When Snapper attempts to intervene, he is quickly overwhelmed, highlighting the crew’s strength in numbers.

Hobin also steps in, but the situation is defused only when Museong Kim arrives.

The leader of The Comedy Crew, terrified of Kim, backs down, providing a humorous yet poignant moment in the episode.

This scene underscores the fear Kim instills in school bullies and his evolving role as a protector.

Hobin and Bomi’s Reconciliation

Overcoming Awkwardness:

One of the major arcs in episode 9 is the reconciliation between Hobin and Bomi.

Their initial meeting after two months is fraught with tension and awkwardness.

Hobin, still embarrassed by his earlier humiliation, and Bomi, feeling abandoned, struggle to communicate.

Bridging the Gap:

The tension breaks when Bomi giggles at Hobin’s nervous attempt to express his feelings, having written what he wanted to say on his hand.

Gaeul’s arrival further smooths the reconciliation by presenting Bomi with a gift and covering for Hobin.

This act of kindness helps repair their relationship, showcasing Gaeul’s unreciprocated affections for Hobin.

Gaeul’s Unrequited Love

Romantic Feelings:

Gaeul’s infatuation with Hobin becomes more evident in this episode.

Her concern for his well-being and her excitement about confessing her feelings highlight her romantic interest.

However, her hopes are dashed when she realizes Hobin’s affections lie with Bomi.

Selfless Actions:

Despite her heartbreak, Gaeul selflessly helps mend Hobin and Bomi’s relationship.

This mirrors Hobin’s own actions in a previous episode, where he misread a situation and felt like a third wheel.

The episode poignantly depicts Gaeul’s unreciprocated feelings, adding depth to her character.

The Comedy Crew: New Antagonists

Crossing the Line:

The Comedy Crew’s antics take a dangerous turn when their pranks cross the line into outright bullying and harassment.

Their actions culminate in a severe incident where Bomi is startled into the path of an oncoming car, leading to her hospitalization.

This incident galvanizes Hobin, setting up the next conflict in the series.

Setting the Stage:

The episode ends with a preview of the next lesson on fighting multiple opponents, with The Comedy Crew firmly in Hobin’s sights.

This sets the stage for an intense showdown in future episodes, maintaining the series’ momentum.

Final Thoughts

The Theme of Friendship:

The title of episode 9, “Friends,” encapsulates the evolving relationships within the series.

Hobin is not just forming bonds with Snapper and Gaeul but also with Kim, and potentially Taehun.

The episode underscores the importance of friendship and solidarity among the outcasts, contrasting sharply with the bullying and harassment they face.

Broadening the Narrative:

By focusing on the personal struggles of characters like Bomi and Gaeul, Viral Hit episode 9 enriches the narrative.

It portrays the varied forms of bullying and harassment, emphasizing that these issues are not limited to the main character.

The episode’s exploration of genuine bonds of friendship offers a hopeful counterpoint to the darker themes of bullying and intimidation.

In conclusion, Viral Hit episode 9 is a pivotal installment that expands the series’ narrative scope, deepens character development, and sets up future conflicts.

By highlighting the struggles and resilience of characters like Bomi and Gaeul, the episode reinforces the series’ central themes of friendship, solidarity, and overcoming adversity.

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