Oshi no Ko Chapter 155: Release Date, Time, and What to Expect

The highly anticipated Oshi no Ko chapter 155 is set to be released on Thursday, July 18, 2024, at 12 am JST.

Fans will have to wait an extra week as the manga series takes a brief hiatus.

Readers can catch up on the latest chapters on Shueisha’s MANGA Plus.

The previous chapter brought significant revelations, particularly concerning the complex relationship between Hikaru Kamiki and Ai Hoshino.

Aqua’s confrontation with Hikaru and the pivotal DVD his mother left behind clarified much about Ai’s feelings and the deceptive narrative surrounding her love life.

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers from the Oshi no Ko manga.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 155 Release Date and Time

According to Shueisha’s MANGA Plus website, Oshi no Ko chapter 155 will be released on Wednesday, July 17, 2024, in most countries, with the Japanese release slated for Thursday, July 18, 2024.

International Release Times:

Time ZoneRelease TimeRelease DayRelease Date
Pacific Daylight Time8 amWednesdayJuly 17
Eastern Daylight Time11 amWednesdayJuly 17
British Summer Time4 pmWednesdayJuly 17
Central European Summer Time5 pmWednesdayJuly 17
Indian Standard Time8:30 pmWednesdayJuly 17
Philippine Standard Time11 pmWednesdayJuly 17
Japanese Standard Time12 amThursdayJuly 18
Australia Central Standard Time12:30 amThursdayJuly 18

Where to Read Oshi no Ko Chapter 155

Image via Doga Kobo

Readers can access Oshi no Ko chapter 155 on Shueisha’s MANGA Plus.

The website allows fans to read the first three and the latest three chapters for free.

For continuous reading, the MANGA Plus mobile app offers all chapters, although only the first three and latest three can be read multiple times without a premium membership.

Recap of Oshi no Ko Chapter 154

Chapter 154, titled “15 Year Lie,” delved into the reasons behind Ai Hoshino’s deceit.

Ai had told Hikaru Kamiki that she couldn’t love him, leading Hikaru to believe this lie.

This belief eventually drove him to provide Ryosuke with Ai’s address, indirectly causing her tragic end.

However, Aqua Hoshino exposed the truth by playing Ai’s DVD, where she confessed her love for Hikaru but distanced herself to avoid burdening him with her pregnancy.

This revelation was central to the “15 Year Lie” the movie’s title alluded to.

What to Expect from Oshi no Ko Chapter 155

The upcoming chapter is poised to explore Hikaru Kamiki’s reaction to the truth about Ai Hoshino’s feelings.

His admission of involvement in Ai’s murder sets the stage for a dramatic fallout.

Overcome with guilt and despair, Hikaru might seek redemption or punishment for his actions.

Ai’s wish for her children, Aqua and Ruby, to help their father if he was lost in the future, adds another layer to the narrative.

This wish suggests that Aqua and Ruby might attempt to assist Hikaru, possibly advocating for a reduced sentence despite his crimes.

However, Hikaru’s responsibility for other deaths complicates this potential path to redemption.

Themes and Character Development

Image via Doga Kobo

Oshi no Ko’s narrative has consistently explored themes of love, deceit, and the consequences of actions.

Chapter 155 is expected to delve deeper into these themes, especially focusing on Hikaru’s internal turmoil and the siblings’ moral dilemma.

Aqua’s Growth: Aqua’s role in unraveling the truth about his mother and confronting his father highlights his growth as a character. His actions are driven by a complex mix of vengeance and the desire for justice, reflecting his deep emotional scars and commitment to uncovering the truth.

Hikaru’s Guilt: Hikaru Kamiki’s character is likely to be further developed as he grapples with the realization of his misguided actions. His confrontation with his past and the unraveling of his emotions will be crucial to the story’s progression.

Ruby’s Role: Ruby’s involvement in the upcoming chapters will also be significant. Her reactions and decisions, influenced by Ai’s wish and her own experiences, will shape the direction of the plot.

The Future of Oshi no Ko

As the series progresses, the narrative complexity and character dynamics promise to keep readers engaged.

The exploration of Ai’s past, the siblings’ journey, and Hikaru’s potential redemption or downfall are central to the unfolding drama.

Potential Plot Twists: The series is known for its unexpected plot twists, and chapter 155 might introduce new elements or characters that could alter the storyline. Fans can anticipate surprises that will add depth and intrigue to the narrative.

Emotional Impact: The emotional weight of the revelations and the characters’ responses are expected to resonate with readers. The series’ ability to blend intense emotional moments with thrilling plot developments is one of its key strengths.

Final Words

Oshi no Ko chapter 155 is set to be a pivotal installment in the series, promising significant character development and plot progression.

As Hikaru Kamiki confronts his past and Aqua and Ruby navigate their mother’s wishes, readers are in for a compelling and emotionally charged chapter.

The series continues to captivate with its intricate storytelling and profound themes, making it a must-read for manga enthusiasts.

Stay tuned to Shueisha’s MANGA Plus for the latest updates and chapters of Oshi no Ko.

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