Sakamoto Days Chapter 173: Release Date, Expectations, Where to Read, and More

Fans of the action-packed manga Sakamoto Days are eagerly awaiting the release of Chapter 173.

Scheduled for release in Japan on Monday, July 8, 2024, at 12:00 AM JST, this chapter promises to continue the thrilling narrative that has captivated readers.

This article will provide all the essential details about the release date, what to expect from the new chapter, and where to read it.

Release Date and Time

Image via Yuto Suzuki/Shueisha

The highly anticipated Sakamoto Days Chapter 173 will be available according to the following schedule:

Time ZoneRelease DayRelease DateRelease Time
Pacific Daylight TimeSundayJuly 7, 20248:00 AM
Central Daylight TimeSundayJuly 7, 202410:00 AM
Eastern Daylight TimeSundayJuly 7, 202411:00 AM
British Summer TimeSundayJuly 7, 20244:00 PM
Central European Summer TimeSundayJuly 7, 20245:00 PM
India Standard TimeSundayJuly 7, 20248:30 PM
Philippine TimeSundayJuly 7, 202411:00 PM
Japan Standard TimeMondayJuly 8, 202412:00 AM
Australian Central Standard TimeMondayJuly 8, 202412:30 AM

Where to Read

Readers can access Sakamoto Days Chapter 173 on several platforms:

  • Viz Media’s official website: Offers the latest chapters of Sakamoto Days along with a wide range of other manga.
  • Shueisha’s MANGAPlus service: Provides free access to the newest chapters in multiple languages.
  • Shonen Jump+ app: Available for download on iOS and Android devices, the app provides the latest releases for subscribers.

Recap of Chapter 172

Chapter 172 delivered a gripping storyline, showcasing Uzuki’s terrifying potential after adopting his alter ego.

The chapter opened with a shocking scene of JAA assassins’ corpses, a testament to Uzuki’s new deadly capabilities.

Observers Kanaguri, Kumanomi, and Akira were stunned by the carnage, unable to fathom the extent of Uzuki’s transformation into Takamura’s persona.

Kanaguri declared Uzuki the deadliest assassin in JAA’s history.

However, Kumanomi, blind to Uzuki’s altered state, enthusiastically approached him, confident in their mission’s success despite their injuries.

Uzuki’s response was brutal; he shattered Kumanomi’s mechanical arm and almost delivered a fatal blow, only to be stopped by Akira’s timely intervention.

Kumanomi, in a frenzy, struggled to understand Uzuki’s actions, blaming Akira for his condition and unaware of the alter ego controlling him.

Meanwhile, Kanaguri opted to watch, declaring his role as the director and Akira as the heroine in this unfolding drama.

Uzuki, poised to strike Akira, was halted by his Akao persona, revealing a complex interplay of personalities within him.

Akao dismissed Kumanomi and urged Akira to leave, explaining that Uzuki’s multiple personalities were shaped by his memories.

Akao’s persona, remembering Takamura as a ruthless killer, replicated his behavior.

Akira’s confusion deepened as she questioned Akao about her connection with Uzuki, leading to a revelation that their relationship was more complex than previously thought.

What to Expect from Chapter 173

Image via Yuto Suzuki/Shueisha

As Chapter 172 ended with intriguing revelations about Akao and Uzuki’s relationship, Chapter 173 might delve deeper into their past.

Readers may expect an elaborate flashback sequence, shedding light on the true nature of their connection and the events leading to Akao’s death.

The upcoming chapter might also explore Uzuki’s internal struggle with his multiple personalities.

Given the dramatic shift in his behavior, further insight into how Uzuki manages or fails to manage these personas could be a central theme.

This psychological battle could be pivotal in understanding his actions and motivations.

Additionally, Akira’s role in the story appears to be growing.

Her interactions with Akao and Uzuki suggest she might uncover crucial information about the latter’s past and his transformation.

Her journey could be a focal point, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the overarching plot.

Speculations and Predictions

While concrete details about Chapter 173 are yet to be released, several speculations can be made based on the previous chapters:

  1. Flashbacks and Reveals: A detailed flashback sequence might reveal the history between Akao and Uzuki, including the mysterious circumstances surrounding Akao’s death.
  2. Uzuki’s Psychological Battle: The internal conflict within Uzuki might intensify, leading to moments of clarity and chaos as he battles his multiple personas.
  3. Akira’s Investigation: Akira may take a more active role in uncovering the truth, potentially leading to significant plot developments.
  4. Kumanomi’s Response: After her shocking encounter with Uzuki, Kumanomi’s reaction and future actions could add a new layer to the narrative.

Final Words

Sakamoto Days Chapter 173 is set to continue the intense and gripping storyline that fans have come to love.

With its scheduled release on July 8, 2024, readers are in for an exciting ride filled with action, revelations, and emotional depth.

Be sure to catch the latest chapter on Viz Media, MANGAPlus, or the Shonen Jump+ app to stay updated with Sakamoto’s adventures.

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