Is Wuthering Waves a Gacha Game?

Yes, Wuthering Waves is a gacha game, featuring a gacha system called Convene where players spend in-game currency to acquire characters (Resonators) and weapons through random draws, supported by mechanics like the pity system and time-limited event banners.

Wuthering Waves is an open-world action RPG that has garnered attention for its stunning visuals and engaging gameplay.

Set in a hauntingly beautiful, yet perilous post-apocalyptic world, the game allows players to step into the shoes of a male or female protagonist on a mission to save a world teeming with monsters.

The game’s mechanics and art style draw comparisons to popular RPGs like Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy, prompting the question: Is Wuthering Waves a gacha game?

This article explores the gacha mechanics in Wuthering Waves, detailing how the system works and what players can expect.

Understanding Gacha Games

Before diving into Wuthering Waves, it’s essential to understand what a gacha game is.

Gacha games, originating from Japan, involve a system where players spend in-game currency to receive random items, characters, or other rewards.

This mechanic is similar to toy vending machines, where players insert money and receive a random toy.

The allure of gacha games lies in the chance to obtain rare and powerful items or characters, often leading players to spend real money to get the desired results.

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The Gacha System in Wuthering Waves

The Convene System

Wuthering Waves incorporates a gacha system known as Convene.

Through this system, players can acquire new characters, referred to as Resonators, and weapons.

The Convene system is accessible from the main menu and offers several types of draws:

  • Novice Convene: This option is available to new players at a discounted cost of eight draws. It guarantees a five-star Resonator within the first 50 pulls, providing an excellent opportunity for beginners to bolster their roster.
  • Resonator and Weapon Event Convenes: These are special time-limited banners that offer unique characters and weapons. Players can attempt to draw these exclusive items during the event period.
  • Standard Resonator and Weapon Convene: These are the regular banners where players can perform draws to obtain characters and weapons without any time limitations.

Pity System and 50/50 Mechanism

Wuthering Waves also features a pity system, a common mechanic in gacha games designed to ensure players eventually receive high-quality rewards after a certain number of attempts. In this game, within 80 pulls, players are guaranteed to obtain a five-star Resonator.

However, there’s a twist: the 50/50 mechanism.

This means there is a chance to receive either the time-limited character or a standard character, adding an element of uncertainty to each draw.

For weapon banners, the 50/50 system does not apply.

In the Weapon Event Convene, all drawn weapons are the event-specific weapons, which eliminates the randomness in obtaining event items.

In the standard Weapon Permanent Convene, players have the flexibility to choose the type of weapon they desire, offering more control over the outcome.

Comparing Wuthering Waves with Other Gacha Games


  • Monetization: Like other gacha games, Wuthering Waves monetizes through its gacha system, encouraging players to spend money on in-game currency to perform more draws.
  • Rarity Tiers: Characters and weapons in Wuthering Waves are categorized into different rarity tiers, with five-star Resonators and weapons being the most coveted.
  • Event Banners: The game features time-limited banners for special characters and weapons, similar to other popular gacha games, creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity.


  • Gameplay Focus: While many gacha games are criticized for being heavily pay-to-win, Wuthering Waves places a strong emphasis on skill-based gameplay. Players can switch between characters during battles, utilizing each Resonator’s unique abilities and weapons strategically.
  • Visual and Storytelling: Wuthering Waves stands out with its captivating post-apocalyptic world, which is not only visually stunning but also rich in narrative. The storyline is deeply integrated into the gameplay, making the experience more immersive compared to some other gacha games.

The Appeal and Criticism of Gacha Systems

The Appeal

  • Excitement and Engagement: The randomness of the gacha draws creates excitement and keeps players engaged. The possibility of obtaining a rare character or weapon can be thrilling.
  • Regular Updates: Gacha games frequently introduce new characters, weapons, and events, ensuring a steady stream of content that keeps the game fresh and interesting.

The Criticism

  • Monetization Concerns: One of the primary criticisms of gacha games is their monetization strategy, which can lead to excessive spending. The desire to obtain rare items can drive players to spend significant amounts of money, sometimes leading to financial strain.
  • Luck-Based Rewards: The reliance on luck can be frustrating for players who do not get the desired characters or weapons despite numerous attempts, potentially leading to a negative gaming experience.

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Strategies for Success in Wuthering Waves

For players looking to maximize their success in Wuthering Waves without breaking the bank, here are some strategies:

  • Take Advantage of the Novice Convene: New players should utilize the discounted draws and guaranteed five-star Resonator to build a strong initial roster.
  • Save for Event Banners: Instead of spending currency on standard banners, saving for event banners can increase the chances of obtaining exclusive and powerful characters and weapons.
  • Monitor Pity Count: Keeping track of the number of draws can help players make informed decisions about when to perform pulls, maximizing the benefits of the pity system.
  • Daily and Weekly Quests: Participating in daily and weekly quests can provide additional resources and currency, reducing the need to spend real money.

Final Words

Wuthering Waves indeed incorporates a gacha system, with various types of draws, a pity system, and the 50/50 mechanism.

While the game shares similarities with other gacha titles in terms of monetization and reward structures, it differentiates itself with its emphasis on skill-based gameplay, rich storytelling, and visually captivating world.

As with any gacha game, players should approach Wuthering Waves with a balanced mindset, enjoying the excitement of the gacha system while being mindful of spending.

By leveraging in-game strategies and taking advantage of the game’s systems, players can enhance their experience and enjoy the thrilling journey through the post-apocalyptic world of Wuthering Waves.

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