Wuthering Waves: Comprehensive Echo Tier List and Strategy Guide

Choosing the best Echo for each Resonator in Wuthering Waves is crucial for optimal builds and achieving success in the game.

With over 52 Echoes, each with unique attributes, sub-attributes, and classes, determining the top-performing Echoes can be daunting.

This comprehensive guide and tier list will help Wuthering Waves fans prioritize the best Echoes based on their overall performance and synergies.

Echo Tier List Overview

In the current META, S-tier Echoes such as Crownless, Dreamless, Bell-Borne Geochelone, Inferno Rider, and Lampylumen Myriad stand out.

These Echoes offer high power, versatility, and unique transformations, making them top picks for players.

Following closely in the A-tier are Tempest Mephis, Feilian Beringal, Mourning Aix, Impermanenance Heron, Mech Abomination, and Chaserazor, which are excellent early-game choices with significant potential.

B-tier Echoes like Fission Junrock, Viridblaze Saurian, Stonewall Bracer, Cyan-Feathered, and Violet-Feathered Herons, as well as Roseshroom, provide helpful utility options and are valuable additions to a player’s arsenal.

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S-Tier Echoes

  • Crownless: Known for massive Havoc DMG, making it a powerhouse in battles.
  • Dreamless: Offers substantial Havoc DMG, similar to Crownless, with a focus on destructive capabilities.
  • Bell-Borne Geochelone: Provides perfect defensive synergy with most Elements, ideal for tank roles.
  • Inferno Rider: Unique for its ability to be used as a mount in the overworld and offers significant offensive capabilities.
  • Lampylumen Myriad: Excels in stunning enemies with Glacio DMG, providing both crowd control and damage.

A-Tier Echoes

  • Tempest Mephis: Delivers deadly Electro DMG, making it a reliable offensive Echo.
  • Feilian Beringal: Known for its reliable Aero DMG buff, enhancing team damage output.
  • Mourning Aix: Provides a reliable Spectro DMG buff, enhancing spectral damage for the team.
  • Impermanenance Heron: Features two distinct strike types (physical and projectile), offering versatility in combat.
  • Mech Abomination: Offers two types of DPS (direct hit and explosive Mech Waste), making it versatile and powerful.
  • Chaserazor: Excellent at delivering AoE damage, useful for crowd control and dealing with multiple enemies.

B-Tier Echoes

  • Fission Junrock: Can be used for automated material farming, adding utility beyond combat.
  • Viridblaze Saurian: Provides mid-range Fusion DMG projectiles, useful for ranged combat.
  • Stonewall Bracer: Lunges toward the enemy, dealing Physical DMG, suitable for aggressive playstyles.
  • Cyan-Feathered Heron: Offers parry and counterattack capabilities, enhancing defensive maneuvers.
  • Violet-Feathered Herons: Similar to Cyan-Feathered, provides parry and counterattack options.
  • Roseshroom: Delivers long-range Havoc DMG, useful for maintaining distance while dealing damage.

Criteria for Tier List

This tier list evaluates the performance of the best Echoes across multiple Elements.

Although most Echoes in Wuthering Waves are valuable, the three tiers represent the top choices among all 52 options. Here’s what each tier signifies:

  • S-Tier: All-around perfect options with high power and interesting transformations.
  • A-Tier: Excellent early-game Echoes with significant potential.
  • B-Tier: Helpful Echoes with utility options.

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Best Echo for Each Element

Pairing Echoes with the right Resonators can significantly enhance their output due to their distinctive Elemental Damages.

The following list suggests the best-in-class Echo option for each Resonator based on their Elements.


  • Resonators: Calcharo, Yinlin, Yuanwu
  • Best Echo: Bell-Borne Geochelone, known for its defensive synergy and versatility.


  • Resonators: Aalto, Jianxin, Jiyan, Yabgyang
  • Best Echo: Impermanenance Heron or Aero Predator, both offering strong Aero DMG capabilities.


  • Resonators: Baizhi, Lingyang, Sanhua
  • Best Echo: Lampylumen Myriad, excelling in stunning enemies and dealing Glacio DMG.


  • Resonators: Danjin, Havoc Rover, Taoqi
  • Best Echo: Roseshroom or Impermanenance Heron, both providing significant Havoc DMG.


  • Resonators: Verina, Spectro Rover
  • Best Echo: Mourning Aix, known for its reliable Spectro DMG buff.


  • Resonators: Chixia, Encore, Mortefi
  • Best Echo: Inferno Rider, offering significant offensive capabilities and versatility.

Strategy for Optimal Builds

To maximize the effectiveness of your builds in Wuthering Waves, it’s essential to consider the following strategies:

Understanding Echo Synergies

  • Elemental Synergy: Pair Echoes with Resonators that complement their Elemental DMG to maximize damage output and efficiency.
  • Role Synergy: Ensure a balanced team composition by including Echoes that offer offensive, defensive, and utility roles.

Optimizing Echo Attributes

  • Primary Attributes: Focus on Echoes that enhance the primary attributes needed for your Resonators.
  • Sub-Attributes: Pay attention to sub-attributes that provide additional benefits such as increased critical hit rate, attack speed, or defense.

Adaptive Strategies

  • Flexibility: Be ready to adapt your team composition based on the challenges you face in the game.
  • Experimentation: Try different combinations of Echoes and Resonators to discover unique synergies and strategies.

Final Words

Selecting the best Echoes for your Resonators in Wuthering Waves is vital for building powerful and efficient teams.

By understanding the strengths and synergies of each Echo, you can create optimal builds tailored to your playstyle and the challenges you encounter.

Use this tier list and strategy guide as a reference to navigate the vast array of options and enhance your gameplay experience in Wuthering Waves.

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